Huang Zhong felt defeated as he had no way of harming the ghost. Seeing the spirit scream from the surface of Ye Cang’s hot-red weapons, he went to heat up his blade too. The spirit reached the edge of death in no time when Jia Xu’s healing spell weakened it. Just when Ye Cang was about to end her life with the last hit, Huang Zhong shouted, “Hold on!”

Ye Cang knew why he shouted and said, “We are selling this, aren’t we?”

“I think so…” Jia Xu’s heart leaped. This spirit is somewhat cute.

Ye Cang was speechless and prepared to kill it. Jia Xu swiftly took out all his savings.

Ye Cang nodded satisfactorily, “Let’s go. We still have missions on the third floor.”

“About that…” Jia Xu looked at Huang Zhong and Huang Zhong said, “No money. F*ck off!”

“......” Jia Xu’s heart was bleeding inside. My money!

The two of them then led Ye Cang to the entrance of the third floor. It was no longer a graveyard but instead, it was a wet mine cave. Many minerals could be seen jutting out on the surface of the ground at the entrance. Ye Cang took out a hoe and they were shocked, “You even know how to mine?!”

“Oh yeah, when I bought the utensils, the boss gave me a beginner’s mining guide since I was… and still am a good guy.” Ye Cang started mining while nothing but a word was clouding his mind. ‘Money. Money. Money.’ 

Jia Xu attempted to communicate with the ghost bride while the zombie bride was already able to understand and nod to Huang Zhong. They looked at Ye Cang who was putting all his effort in mining. Is this fella’s mind only filled with money and nothing else? What a meaningless life...

An adventurer team passed by and the leader who was a blonde handsome guy asked, “Hey friend, since you have mastered the skills of mining, mind giving me some good digs?”

“So annoying. Old Huang, kill them.” Ye Cang only focused on mining and Huang Zhong pulled out his dual blades as he walked towards the four-men team.

“Only you?” The blonde smirked as he pulled out his sword and shield, inching closer and closer to him. Yet, Huang Zhong managed to kill them all even though he had a slightly lower level compared to the team. When it came to PK, Huang Zhong had never lost a single battle. Fighting solo against multiple enemies was an ordinary thing to him. After collecting the items from the battle, he continued to communicate with the zombie bride in the hope to increase affection.

Meanwhile, Ye Cang was totally immersed into mining. Jia Xu felt as if Ye Cang was about to dig to the fourth floor. He looked at his own attribute. Oh, I have gained some new skills. Let’s see. This is not bad. Recovery spell, poisoning spell and Flaming Poison. He learned all of them and experimented on a passerby. When the poison level was accumulated at its highest, he casted Flaming Poison on the person and he was immediately killed. Huang Zhong accused Jia Xu for his wrongdoings, “Hey, are you still human? That fella was just a passerby.”

With much satisfaction, Ye Cang looked at his bag full of minerals. They swiftly finished the collecting mission and headed back for the collection of money, not batting an eyelid to the killing missions at all. Ye Cang checked the market price for the minerals. Since the demand of minerals was greater than the supply, he added a zero to make it its retail price. In no time, all was sold out because many players needed such minerals to upgrade their weapons and for the purpose of some missions. Yet, not many knew how to mine and they could not really survive in the third floor. 

Jia Xu and Huang Zhong were jealous of the piles of shining golden Kalon. Ye Cang gave them 100 Kalon each since he owned at least ten thousand of them. He continued to mine on the third floor but there was nothing left. He then bought the pass to the fourth, fifth and sixth floor. On the fourth floor, not many players were hanging around. Most of them were on the second floor and only a few could go to the third floor. Regardless, the monsters on the fourth floor were no match to Jia Xu and Huang Zhong. When they were going against three or less monsters at the same time, Huang Zhong barely received any damage. 

On the fourth floor, Ye Cang had good rewards as he managed to get his hands on crystals and manganese. The luxurious minerals became a drive for him to continue. On the second day of the normal meeting, it was Shacily Muse who represented him for it while he was mining under Huang Zhong’s protection. He needed no time to level up in multiples. Without a max Constitution, his Endurance was high enough for him to disregard any rest time he needed during mining. ThornyRose and Wu Na were curious about what he was doing but they could not break away from the side mission, not even for a second. After breakfast and some rest, they continued to explore the desert.

Seeing the huge amount Ye Cang was earning when he sold the minerals, Jia Xu got a shock of his life. This profitability is incredible! In a blink of an eye, Ye Cang accumulated a hundred thousand Kalon. He dashed to the black market and bought the master’s cooking utensils. Even though he only had a few Kalon left in his bag, he was satisfied with what he had in hand. He hung the shining and beautiful cooking knife on his waist. The ladle was heavy but it could fit in his hands. It was so heavy that it could even be used as a hammer. Even though the pot was not that thick, it was still heavy when he carried it on his back. His limits were just enough to carry these three equipment and there was no more room left. Looks like my Constitution is not enough!

Wanting to melt some minerals, Ye Cang came to the blacksmith. The blacksmith smiled as he saw Ye Cang’s set of equipment, “That surely cost you some fortune there.”

“Yeap, a hundred thousand Kalon.”

“That’s not worth it. To a chef, the best cooking utensils must be made by his own hands. This is because you are the only one who knows what kind of cooking utensils you want. Only you can take control of its weight and the feel of it.”

It only then dawned on Ye Cang. Yeah, no wonder I feel something’s missing out even though they fit in my hands. “Please, teach me the techniques to craft my own cooking utensils!”

“It will cost you this…” The blacksmith smiled and lifted his finger to show a ‘1’.

“One hundred?”

The blacksmith shook his head.

“One thousand?”

He shook it again.

“Ten thousand?”

“Actually, even if you offer me one million, I wouldn’t pass you the technique of crafting. But since fate brought us together, I’ll take your ten thousand.”

“Wait for me!” Ye Cang got himself a relatively good hoe with the remaining money he had and headed to the fourth floor. Knowing that it was going to take awhile and they would be bored, Jia Xu and Huang Zhong accepted a few missions to fill the time.

Just when Ye Cang was sweating and mining, a pinkish smoke appeared before him. He was shocked. Is this some valuable mineral?! Yet, a sexy succubus walked out, “Young man, I…”

Not waiting for her to finish the sentence, Ye Cang smacked her with his newly bought cooking utensils until she was at the brink of death. Ye Cang then started boiling water in the pot, preparing to cook her up. When Jia Xu and Huang Zhong came back, they saw the succubus was placed on the rock and was about to be dismantled by Ye Cang. They quickly stopped him with their skills.

“Big Brother White, if you don’t want her, give her to me!” Huang Zhong was so desperate that his way of addressing Ye Cang had changed. With all the money he had, he looked at Ye Cang with hopeful eyes. Jia Xu rolled his eyes, “Hey, did I say I’m leaving it for you?! This succubus is obviously mine!”

The succubus woke up to see herself on the rock and shouted, “You rude…”

Ye Cang knocked her out of consciousness again with one smack of his ladle, “Quickly bid the price, or I’ll be cutting her from the face.”

The two of them shouted the amount of all their savings. In the end, Huang Zhong won the bid by a few tens of Kalon. Ye Cang tossed him the succubus, took the money and continued to mine.

Satisfactory, Huang Zhong imagined the situation in the bar with a zombie bride and a succubus at each side. This succubus is even sexier than the one in the bar. My life is completed...

Jia Xu was frustrated. I, Jia Wenhe, actually...actually… Oh, my succubus, my succubus… “Brother White, if you encounter another succubus next time, remember to save it for me! “Take my money now. This is my deposit!”

Ye Cang casually pocketed the money, “Sure, sure. No worries.”