The two of them once again went on their way to carry out materials-collecting missions in the vicinity while Ye Cang was still mining. All of a sudden, a dark green smoke arose in front of Ye Cang and a similar succubus appeared together. She had her hands on her waist and spoke arrogantly, “Lowlife humans, did you see my sis…”


Ye Cang knocked her out of consciousness with the hoe and his expensive cooking utensils. He tied her up, placed her on the rock and asked Jia Xu to come over to collect. When he felt he had mined enough minerals, he and the other two returned to the city to sell his harvest and complete the mission. After spending ten thousand to learn smithing, he started crafting swords and blades to make a living. The designs of his weapons were unique. There were metallic accessories with wings, swords with angel handle, dragon headed swords etc. He made it as unique as possible and it surprisingly earned itself the favors of many players. For a one-Kalon item, he could inflate it for up to three Kalons. Meanwhile, Huang Zhong’s and Jia Xu’s positions in the bar were very high as each of them had a succubus and a ghost/zombie bride, making a lot of players jealous.

The next morning.

After observing and confirming that the enormous fish they got from the tank of the Thousand Wine Tree was not poisonous, Old Wang, Old Li and Ye Cang came together to slice it into pieces. They sliced different parts with different patterns and decided to use it for steamboat to try the original taste of it. Ye Cang’s cutting technique was the best among everyone, even Old Wang and Old Li felt theirs were nowhere near his. No one could reach that accuracy except for him.

Ye Cang lightly sliced it with his knife and his movement was slow. As he finished drawing a circle. Nothing happened to the fish. But when he flickered his fingers, the meat on one side just fell off like petals. They were as thin as the wings of insects. Lin Liang came over as he caught on the smell. “I can smell the aroma of the wine from this far.”

Old Wang and Old Li smiled bitterly at Ye Cang’s refined cutting techniques. Old Wang’s daughter, Wang Lily, who knew how good her father was in terms of cooking, was also shocked at the sight of Ye Cang’s act. At the side, Wu Na was hugging and playing with Ye Beibei. She smiled, “He is only good at cutting. Other than that… Sigh…”

Wang Lily saw everyone’s face turn serious when Wu Na spoke of it.

In no time, the enormous fish bone was pulled out without leaving any flaws. Old Li tasted the texture of the bone. Hmm…not bad. Hard but crunchy. He then followed up to try the fin to see the quality of the soft bones. Assured that it was top-notch, he smiled at them, “Looks like you guys are lucky. One of Old Wang’s signature is fish fin soup.”

Meanwhile, Old Wang was examining the enormous fish head. Gosh, we don’t have such a big pot for this. “Hey, is the shell from the last time still here?”

“Yeap, I kept it. Old Wang, go take it out for me,” Ye Cang shouted and Huang Zhong obediently dashed to the storeroom and dragged it out.

“Hmm...this is just nice.” Old Wang and Old Li spread the fish head into halves without tearing it apart. After that, Ye Cang and Huang Zhong placed it into the shell. The size was perfect and it seemed that the liquid could slightly cover the fish head.

“Now, we need to get the stock done. We’ll use this fish bone. Take away the tail and the middle part. I’ve tested that the front and the end are suitable to be fried as it is soft but not chewy.” Old Li smiled and the three of them got themselves a few pots of water and started boiling them. Old Wang was responsible for preparing the paste while Old Li was in charge of the ingredients. Ye Cang wanted to showcase his talent but was dragged away by Wu Na and the rest who hence replaced him with Panty Uncle. He broke his rule of simplicity by adding a lot of Red D Horseradish into the pot, dying the pot of soup blood red. He then added some cut Chilling Bamboo Shoot into the sea of flames. Since they were cut, they bloomed into various iced lotus upon entering the pot. The entire pot was a beauty in all eyes with the iced lotus blooming and burning in the seam of flames. Panty Uncle then proceeded to scoop up the bamboo shoots and placed them into ice-cold water to prevent them from withering and losing their crunchiness. Old Wang was amazed at Panty Uncle’s skills. “He used an ordinary knife to cut the Chilling Bamboo Shoot, used fire to make it reborn and sent them into the ice storage. With this, the bamboo shoot is filled with the juice and it’s still not completely dead. This is a unique technique of rebirth. I can already predict its taste. It will be nice if you dip them into the steamboat or eating it immediately from the iced water is enough…”

Old Li came to Panty Uncle’s side and tasted the smallest Chilling Bamboo Shoot. He gave him a big thumbs-up. It was on par with the most delicious sashimi. The bamboo shoot had a unique taste as it had mixed well with the aroma of wine from the fish bones. With the aroma of the wine and freshness of the bamboo shoot merging together, it was never as refreshing and crunchy, and not sticky at all. The most important part was that Panty Uncle controlled it very well. There was also a strong spice in the aftertaste but it was only a matter of a fraction of time. As a figure of speech, that would be the painful and yet most beautiful memories that one could ever have. “Hey lad, your cooking skills are really good.”

“What are we going to do with the fish bladder?” Ye Cang asked as he noticed the three of them not bothering about it.

“To dry it under the sun. This is a good supplement for ladies. The ladies did not even need to apply facial masks if they’ve drank the soup. It’s an extremely rare ingredient. Well, it might not be able to lock in your forever-young appearance, it surely has a great anti-aging effect. Its aura and taste could be sensed by a chef from afar.” Old Wang smiled and the ladies were excited. They gradually guarded the fish bladder and Old Li smiled, “Drying it is not something that can be done in a day. It takes time. When it’s fully dried up, Old Wang and I will cook it for you guys, don’t worry.”

Only then, the ladies reluctantly moved away from the formation.

“I see. No wonder I could sense it too. I was just asking anyway,” Ye Cang said without a blush.

When Old Wang’s stock was done, he started preparing the fish fin. “I’ve boiled the pot of water over there. For breakfast, we can eat some ramen. There are three types of soup. Pour them in at the last minute, sprinkle the fish meat on it and there you go. We’ll leave the remaining ones for steamboat at noon.”

Zhao Xiangyu who was waiting with her bowl in her hand boiled the ramen and came to Panty Uncle’s side. Panty Uncle smiled gracefully at her and she blushed. Bashfully, she reached out her bowl and Panty Uncle poured the soup in, covering the fish slices, and topped it with a bamboo shoot. “If you want some salt, add it yourself. Don’t put in too much. Just a pinch will do.”

“Okay…” Zhao Xiangyu walked away elegantly. 

Everyone then cooked their ramen, poured in the stock, sprinkled some salt and dug in. The fish slices turned into white flowers when they came into contact with the stock. The soup gave them three different tastes. Cao Cao exclaimed, “I bet this is similar to the River Lethe.”

In order to ensure the fish head was fresh, Sun Quan once again covered it with ice and connected the seawater into the cube. After Old Li and the others had finished their breakfast, they started selecting mushrooms and vegetables from the manor. The quality of vegetables was top-notch. Staring at Old Wang, Old Li and Panty Uncle who were filtering the ingredients, Lin Liang pondered. Indeed, a good dish doesn’t pop out of nowhere. It requires new and fresh ingredients and also techniques. Lin Liang also sensed the passion of those chefs. Even Old Marilyn joined them after hearing what they were up to. This old lady’s cooking skills were also incredible. She joined the ingredients team after finishing her ramen. Usually, she was gentle and soft but when it came to discussing the new characteristics of the ingredients, her tone was like an empress’, high and pressuring. Old Wang and Old Li were voicing out their opinions while Panty Uncle smiled and briefly spoke his comments. As for Ye Cang, all he did was nodding to whatever they said with crossed arms. “It’s just exactly like what I think.”

ThornyRose, Wu Na and the others stared at Ye Cang and complained. There’s a fake chef among you guys...