Ye Cang came to a path near the beach as there was a parcel in the mailbox. It was wrapped in pink and there was a big heart-shaped label on it. Delivered from Dasha?! The idiotic God of Magical Girls who always feeds me with bullshits in my dreams? Having a bad feeling about it did not deter him from opening it. It was a heart-shaped accessory box and inside it was the first hair clip she had.

Suddenly, Ye Cang was unsure of what was happening between the actual and virtual world. Does Dasha really exist?! He picked the hair clip up and a hologram appeared before him. To be precise, it was all just his imagination.

“Congratulations! You’ve become an excellent Magical Girl…”

Ye Cang took off a slipper and tossed it at the images. He sighed at the realization that it just flew through it.

“......” Dasha was observing on the other end. Looks like this promisee has his own style... totally different from the others! He could definitely be… Wait, that’s impossible. Not any ordinary man can be a Magical Girl like me. The journey to be a full-fledged Magical Girl is tough. No one will understand that better than me. It’s beyond life and death. There are the three Big Rules for Magical Girls: Protect your face, protect your face and eliminate anyone who destroys your face. Maintaining the world’s peace will unfortunately come after them.

The sharp end of the clip pierced Ye Cang’s palm and the blood flowing out left a stain on the clip. Ye Cang shouted, “Hey, I don’t want to be some Magical Girl...I…”

“Owner recognition completed. Very well, you’re now a Magical Girl blessed by me, Dasha!” Dasha smiled and disappeared as Ye Cang sent her his other slipper, “God damn it, are all Magical Girls that shameless?!”

Ye Cang then felt a strong yet intimidating pinkish spiritual energy surge through his body like a tsunami. His energy was a step away from overflowing at that instance. The Emperor Tree Seed inside him acted as a dam, taking in whatever that was incoming. As it absorbed the energy, the shape of the tree was closer and closer to resembling the shape of a heart.

It was the very first time Ye Cang felt such an enormous yet unique power. The power was so great that he was like a mere small boat in an endless ocean. He was lucky to have the capabilities of absorbing and converting. Or else, he would have been swallowed by the energy, becoming the polluter who completely gave in to the undefeatable force. In other words, a Magical Girl. Yet, the power, though strong, was gentle at the same time. He planned to toss the hair clip away but the Power of Love forced him to grab it back the moment the item left his hand. With a bitter smile, he tied his hair and clipped his left fringe with the hair clip, activating the power using his inner feelings.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Cang turned into a cute little white-haired girl with a pink staff. As he removed the clip, he returned to his original state.

Staring at the sun, he sighed, “Why must it be a Magical Girl?”

In a random high dimension in the universe.


Dasha stared at a picture of a beautiful lady. It was the younger version of Lil’Love. 

What was giving out a bright reflection in Dasha’s eyes was her tears. She sobbed, “Lil’White, don’t disappoint Lil’Love. She risked her eternity to give you that contract. She has found her true love...her home as she has returned to the Heart of Eternal…”

Staring at the Heart of Eternity, Dasha’s tone was full of jealousy. “And yet, I have to experience all the loneliness and separation forever… Guarding the Heart of Eternity until I’ve lost all my emotions and turned into one with it…”

Dasha’s face started to turn icy cold, followed by pain, madness, a crazy laughter and a sense of calmness in the end. She sat down gracefully and picked up her staff. Her mind went blank as she looked into the crystal of Endless Wings and the Heart of Eternity. Recalling the scene of Ye Cang tossing her the slipper and being forced to be a Magical Girl, she somewhat felt better.

Helplessly, Ye Cang returned to the house while ThornyRose and Wu Na were chit-chatting at the balcony.

Ye Cang patted their shoulders, “You guys might not believe what I said but I’ve become a Magical Girl…”

They rolled their eyes. “You, the Magical Girl - Lil’Cang is dominating the entire world. Your official limited merchandise are now selling at a whopping price. That fella AV is surely lucky…”

“No, what I’m saying is, I’ve truly become a Magical Girl…” Ye Cang’s words made them step away from Ye Cang. As usual, the man whom they loved was being judged and doubted.

“Hey, hubby, we are about to have our wedding soon. You won’t be having some kind of weird gender kink, will you?” ThornyRose’s mind was filled with images of Ye Cang wearing a Magical Girl costume during the ceremony. She shook her head. No way. That’s not happening. By the way, it’s been awhile since I called him ‘hubby’...

Wu Na looked into his eyes and said, “But I’ll still accept you for who you are…”

Ye Cang rolled his eyes, “Gosh...I’m not a pervert…”

The two of them stared at him with a poker face. Among the Three Heroes of the East, we know that Flasher Uncle is a perverted flasher and Panty Uncle loves to steal underwear. As for you, there’s no one who doesn’t know you’re the King of Female Cosplay, alright?!

“It’s a waste of energy to explain. I’ll just show you the real Magical Girl!. “He activated the clip and turned into a Magical Girl. He started to make some cute poses with a hand on his waist and a peace sign covering his eye, his voice was a screech, “Lil’Cang loves you yo!”

The ladies’ jaws dropped in agape. Wu Na could not react and ThornyRose tried to touch Ye Cang’s private part with a trembling hand. She heaved a sigh of relief, “You’re lucky you still have that…”

Ye Cang was surprised too. Hey, I still have it. Didn’t notice it earlier. He then took off the clip and returned to normal.

Blushed, ThornyRose mumbled, “How about we have some fun with you in that form tonight…”

Wu Na finally came back to her senses and nodded aggressively. Let’s have a round of Magical Girl...

Ye Cang sweated at the sight of their expressions. You two...

Ye Cang went to the beach to see Old Wang and the rest were still discussing how to prepare the food but they already had a rough idea. Meanwhile, Ye Xiaoming was dragged by AV to join the adventurer team. Luckily, Ye Xiaoming knew he would be dead if Lily knew about it so he only agreed to be their advisor. Since he had provided many useful and effective suggestions which everyone was amazed at, he was promoted to be the honorable member of the House of Adventurers.

Ye Xiaoming smirked as he cleaned his glasses. “I was once lost too. And that time, I was even being surrounded by an uncountable number of butterflies. In the end, I realized I was also a butterfly but a lonely one. Only then, it made me know I wanted a home so I gave up on flying around and decided to stay on a warming sunflower…”

“Bro, what are you talking about? Speak human…” Ye Xiaoming was speechless at Zhang Zhengxiong’s reply.

“You guys are just a bunch of fellas who don’t understand women at all. In the past, there wasn't a girl I like whom I couldn’t tackle. Even if there were, it was only a handful. To be honest, I got bored of the Big Four when I was 20. Pandora’s place is really not suitable for a lone wolf like me. Those women are as cruel and as wicked as you can imagine but they couldn’t get any benefits from me either. In places like these, I would be the only one who could hurt others and they couldn’t hurt me back! Hahaha!” Ye Xiaoming took out his dusted Exclusive VIP badge he got from the Big Four. It was a badge only given to someone acknowledged by the club.

The appearance of the badge instantly spiked the respect they had for Ye Xiaoming and they started throwing him with questions, seeking his guide on many matters. Nonetheless, he shook his head, “I won’t teach you guys but I would only guide you. Some things couldn’t be taught. It’s a reactive talent. Anything that you get too easily is most likely meaningless. The process of me chasing my wife is surely a tough one. So, it is actually like this…”

Everyone started talking about other stuff. Ye Xiaoming shrugged his shoulders as he stared at Liu, Sun, Cao and the rest. Haven’t passed the Big Four at such an age? Sigh. Just give up already...