Old Wang and the others started pouring the stock into the gigantic shell to cook the fish head. The unique stock and the aroma of the fish head was a perfect match. With the fragrant triggering their senses, no one could resist it and everyone moved a pair of watch towers to the sides of the shell. The height was perfect. They then set up the table for the steamboat and surrounded the shell with ingredients prepared by the chefs. All they were waiting for was the signal from the chef to start.

Zhao Xiangyu pondered. Looks like my decision to stay at my master's house was the right one! With a bowl and a pair of chopsticks in her hands, she was prepared. I’ll never ever end this apprenticeship.

Old Li saw everyone’s excited look after finishing preparing the milt. “All of you are sure lucky. This fish’s milt is extremely beautiful…”

Old Li sliced perfectly the fish milt that was as big as a lion’s head and distributed a piece to everyone who was present. Lin Liang exclaimed after tasting a slice, “The taste is beyond words. This is what we call ‘Xi Shi’s Breast’. Bittersweet and fresh. Indeed, you'll never know the true taste of a fish if you’ve never tasted the milt. Once you taste it, all other fishes will seem tasteless…”

“Call father-in-law and the old man over. It may be possible to finish these with them.” Knowing that the fish head needed to be cooked for at least another hour, Ye Cang asked ThornyRose to invite them.

“Possible?! Since when have we managed to finish something?!” Wu Na smiled bitterly.

ThornyRose was reluctant, “I’m not their biological child anyway…”

Yet, she still called them. “Mom, ask daddy and grandpa to come over to Lin Hai for food. Master Old Wang and the rest are having steamboat.”

As soon as he got the notice, Father Qin called Qin Zhong and boarded the fastest floating train.

ThornyRose then dragged AV to a side, “Hand over the money… Don’t act dumb…”

“I’ve already given boss 30%...” AV spoke weakly.

ThornyRose pondered. Not bad. “I can give you the rights of the club’s characters, such as my…”

“Actually… Big Sis Rose, your...sales...is not even on par with boss’ Magical Girl side income from his merchandise…” AV quickly ran away as ThornyRose got furious.

ThornyRose returned to her seat frustratedly and took a bite of the milt. All her anger had instantly disappeared while a lovely expression was shown on her face. This is a hundred times tastier than the milt of the Dark Nine River’s Dolphin...

Huang Zhong ate all in a gulp, “Delicious!”

Liu, Sun and Cao sighed deeply as they looked at him.

Jia Xu took a sip of wine and a bite of fish milt while leaning against the seat. “Even God can’t save us… Such an enjoyable life… Not even God can save me from this…”

“Oh Wenhe, help me negotiate with the police force, would ya? About my fines…” Liu Bei put an arm around Jia Xu’s shoulder.

“Upholding justice is the mission of our Lin Hai Police Force…” Jia Xi said seriously.

“Don’t make me beat you up.”

“Alright then.” Jia Xu was helpless as he knew he could never win that shameless fella in a fight.

“Now, that’s more like it,” Liu Bei toasted with him.

Old Marilyn tasted a spoon of the soup. “It lacks something… something to bring out the taste…”

It made Old Wang recall the mini mushroom men. Swiftly, he tossed some from the basket to let them swim inside. The freshness of the soup was immediately enhanced and Lin Liang’s saliva was drooping. Satisfactorily, Old Marilyn nodded and smiled, “That’s perfect. We don’t have to add anything else. When we boil the other ingredients, their taste will mix together and the soup will then be completely done. I’d suggest all of you to taste some of the soft parts of the fish head before boiling other ingredients. It’s kind of a waste to just use the fish head as a soup base.”

“Lil’White, I hope you can build a small house in your mushroom forest. I have loved mushrooms since I was a child. I even hope that I could die in the sea of mushrooms. With me staying there, I can help you to take care of the forest too,” Old Marilyn smiled.

“Sure, no problem. I’ll ask them to build you a big one…” Ye Cang had not finished his sentence and Old Marilyn shook her head, “Just a small wooden house is enough. In return, I’ll give you my secret recipe. Using it for coating fried stuff or for baking bread is the best.”

Ye Cang excitedly received it and Lin Liang was eager to know what was included in the ingredients. What is it?! I can’t taste that ingredient. After a glance at the recipe, Ye Cang burned it and ThornyRose was shocked, “With that memory of yours, you sure you can remember it?” 

“When it comes to cooking, I can remember everything…” Ye Cang replied. “That’s the basic characteristic of a talented chef, alright?”

ThornyRose facepalmed. 

Ye Beibei was eating the milt with contentment as he crawled around and after a while, he could gradually get on his feet and walk.

Wang Lily was shocked. “Hubby, Beibei...he can walk! No...he is running! Ah! He jumped down! Catch him! Someone! Huh, he landed safely and helped himself for a pair of chopsticks and a bowl. He...he…jumped back up!”

Ye Xiaoming looked at the watch tower. This thing is at least four or five meters tall, isn’t it? Ye Beibei got back to his baby chair, eagerly waiting for food while clenching his chopsticks firmly. Even though the way he held the chopsticks was incorrect, it was still more or less similar to an adult’s way of holding. Ye Xiaoming brushed his eyes. Is this Beibei?! Has he turned into Sun Wukong in just half a month of staying here?!

Cao Cao gave Ye Beibei a high five. “Talented child! Your Uncle Gongjin must be very proud of you in heaven.”


Hero Spirit Realm.

Zhou Yu who was still thinking of whether he should return to the past again suddenly sneezed. “There must be someone talking bad about me now. I wonder how Brother Lil’White, Beibei and the rest are doing.”

He then started playing his instrument.


A random city in a different dimension. Freedom City

Wen Zhong was wearing a pair of shorts and a countryside shirt and dancing with a bunch of elders. He was doubting his life as he stared at Aunty Zhang. What have I done wrong?! Xingtian...you should be here instead of me! Why am I here?! I want to battle with Jiang Ziya!

Listening to the beat, Wen Zhong was forced to dance the International Ballroom Dance with Aunty Zhang. He shouted to himself as his eyes were staring at the black Shar Pei. Black qilin! Where’s your battle spirit?! Why are you kissing with the female poodle over there?!


A random world.

In the Forest of Magic Beasts, a team of guards protecting a princess from a random empire was ambushed by vipers. Knowing it was hopeless, the princess closed her eyes. Is reviving the empire really a hopeless thought?

“Overlord Sword!” A shout was heard.

A rainbow flash of sword killed all the enemies. There stood a relatively chubby teenager with crossed arms on the high ground. Beside him was a scary warrior and a beautiful mage with a nine-colored star hat.

“Thank you for your help. May I know your name?”

“Pfft, names are just a useless form of address. Call me Liu Shan.”



Zhenan. Ghost Claw High School. Graduation Ceremony.

Zhao Li’er was holding her graduation certificate. She took a last look at the fully-vandalised school gate and also at the gangsters inside before she left. “Oh, Lin, I’ll definitely find you someday…”

With the farewell from the juniors’, A’Jie left the school. Just when he was about to ask Zhao Li’er something, GhostPhoenix grabbed his hand, “Let’s go to the beach for a vacation. After that, we can head to my uncle’s university. They lack people with special abilities like us.”

“Let’s go then.” A’Jie turned to look at his juniors. “Farewell, my juniors! It’s your turn to protect the glory of Ghost Claw! Also...kill Sun Tianxin…”