In the evening, everyone was once again blessed with the delicious food made by the chefs. This time around, Old Wang and Old Li grilled the fish while Old Marilyn fried the large fish scales. Holding a piece of fried scale around the size of a watermelon, Huang Zhong gave it a bite. It was so crunchy and yet chewy on the inside. More importantly, Old Marilyn mixed a special lemon juice and blood red tomatoes in it. The few droplets of lemon juice nullified the greasiness of the fried food and enhanced its taste while the sour tomatoes brought out the best taste of fried food.

Lin Liang was amazed at Old Marilyn’s frying skills. It was really the best of the best. She was not any weaker than Old Wang and Old Li even when it came to preparing western food. 

The grilled fish sticks were also mouth-watering. Old Wang used the bones as the stick and fried them before piercing the meat. After that, he started grilling. There were not many fancy techniques and most only required some simple seasoning. Lin Liang had the first bite. The juicy fish meat and crunchy fish bones turned his mood the other way round. Actually, humans are simple. Their mood will definitely be enlightened after eating such delicious food. This fish is extraordinarily juicy. Through grilling, the fats and juice were both locked in the meat. They explode once they enter your mouth. It’s graceful but wild, like the black swan in ballet. 

Meanwhile, Huang Zhong was like a shredding machine, taking in as many sticks and meat as possible. He basically swallowed everything and drank a big bowl of wine. “Delicious!”

“......” Lin Liang was speechless.


“Try my taiyaki…” Old Li served them the food and Lin Liang’s knowledge of this dish was that it focused on its original taste. Only minimal salt and sauce were needed. With a dip of the special soy sauce, Lin Liang placed it into his mouth. The outer part was crispy and yet the inner part was soft. It gave off a fresh and sweet sensation overall.

“What a waste. There are so many parts unfinished.” Old Li looked at the top-notch ingredient.

“How about giving them out to the people in the night market? It will lose its freshness if we keep it overnight.” Old Wang nodded at Ye Cang’s suggestions. They then asked the people to send the fish to the night market. After dismantling the fish, they hung a banner ‘Lil’White Charity’ and gave everyone a portion. Everything was completely gone in a blink of an eye. However, little did the people know that ‘Lil’White Charity’ would actually be one of the biggest charity organizations that would influence many in the future.

As he returned to the game, Ye Cang had a discussion with Youdiss. They asked Jaysus, Mar Junior, Eric, Marquis Azshara and the others over to have a private meeting. Once the decision was made, they left. Youdiss then asked Ye Cang, “That person named Mar...what are you trying to do with him?”

“He is an old friend of mine. His father and my father are close friends. Old Mar always takes good care of me. When I went to Black Rock City, Mar Junior did the same. We are good brothers. His wish is to be the Pope so I’m just trying my best to help him.” Youdiss was surprised at Ye Cang’s words. Well, at least he is not that inhuman after all. But the position of the Pope is not at a level one could easily achieve. Usually, those who are capable of becoming a pope are the elderly with a whole life of achievements. But of course, there are exceptions like my case, in which I was appointed directly by the Princess of Destruction.

Youdiss did not ask any further. She knew who Eric was. He is from the old witch’s side. He created a commotion when establishing a branch of the Goddess Association with the help of the three goddesses of nature, the daughters of the Goddess of Life - Anna. He is quite good… Looks like all the elders in the association were strong enough to fight individually. Besides, people like Agaloss and Makarlo are inside too. With Agaloss here, no mages dare to touch a hair on his head. All mages who learned the knowledge of arcane can never run away from him if they break any of the rules. Death is what awaits them. Not even the sister of that witch who was a great mage could escape from him.

Suddenly, Youdiss stunned and smirked with happiness.

Seeing the change in her expression, Ye Cang sighed, “Indeed, you do have feelings for me...I guess this is something I can’t run away from.”

“......” Youdiss did not bother him. “The Princess of Destruction is awake.”

“Then it means that the Goddess of Life is also awake.” Youdiss nodded at Ye Cang’s words.

Goddess City. The Shrine of Six Goddesses.

“Hey, hey, hey, mother is awake. Quickly think of something to brush the topic through,” Marlow sensed Anna’s aura.

“What for? Just say that it was Assenroche who forced us to do it. We are now a group. This is unavoidable.” Anya’s words made Assenroche speechless, “Hey, you three ungrateful daughters, I’m still here, don’t you know that.”

“Speak as though you don’t benefit from it. You said it was for the three of us and yet you received the benefits. So this is an issue everyone has to face. Don’t you think you can run away…” Jam smiled coldly.

Suddenly, an orb of light shone from the void and the Goddess of Life - Anna appeared before them. “Marlow! What have you and the other two useless sisters done?!”

The three of them quickly hid behind Assenroche and pointed at her, “Mother, she was the one who forced us.”

Aymuss and Lonass were sitting at the side, chewing nuts while watching the show.

Anna looked at Assenroche when she saw the other two goddesses did not bother about what was happening. “The Spirit of Arcane, what are you trying to do?!”

Assenroche then recalled a sentence mentioned by the Great Sage. ‘When you have no answers or you are in search of answers, just say ‘No comments.’.’

“No comments…” Assenroche said arrogantly.

“You! Hmph! We shall see!” Anna knew she had just awakened and it would be impossible to fight the six of them at once, especially when Assenroche was there. Hence, she disappeared along with the green light. Marlow heaved a sigh of relief.

“Oh yeah, Great Sage taught me a game before he left. It’s called ‘Dou Dizhu’, do you guys wanna play?” Aymuss took out a set of poker cards to show off.

“He taught me and my sisters to play mahjong…” Jam rolled her eyes.

“He taught me the String figure…” Lonass smiled.

“Aeroplane chess (Ludo)...” Assneroche took out the board game.

“Let’s try mahjong first since we have more people here. This game has gambling elements.” Jam explained the rules to Assenroche, Aymuss and Lonass who could easily understand.

“Alright, what are we betting?” Assenroche was interested.

“Belief power?” Lonass suggested. 

“Sure, but small bets only… Who knows maybe Great Sage needs help from either of us later.” Everyone nodded at Marlow’s warning. Since it was meaningless to bet a small amount, they decided on a moderate sum instead. They solidified their belief power and cut them into pieces. The game only allowed four people at a time so they would take turns and losers would be out of the following game.

“Before we start, here’s the rule. No cheating! Whoever that uses holy power to get the pieces they want has to pay up,” Anya said and everyone nodded. They then started their journey of mahjong. Lil’Jade who was outside guarding the shrine and was also Ye Cang’s contact heard the sound of mahjong and the quarrels inside. Gosh, their gaming attitude...I could hear it from so far away...