Seeing Makarlo’s weird expression, Ye Cang sighed, “What’s the matter?”

“The Goddess of Life went to the shrine to question them,” Makarlo smiled bitterly.


“The three goddeses confessed that they were instructed by Assenroche and Goddess Anna left with a shocked expression after Assenroche replied.” Makarlo felt something was not right.

“Will she trouble our shrine?” Ye Cang’s words made Makarlo roll his eyes. “Duh?!”

“I guess we have no choice but to stop it before it can happen. Let’s lock Cefier Lysses up and play with her…” Ye Cang cracked his neck.

“......” Makarlo dropped his jaw wide and blushed after giving it a thought. This is not a bad idea. “I can be the observer. Great Sage, are you going to do it by yourself…”

“Nope, Fandair seems to be having resentment against her so ask him to do it. Also, ask Lord Bearbear to rape her too. Go and inform Agaloss. Ask him to capture Cefier Lysses. And you go capture Shinar and that eldest prince...hand them to Eric…” Ye Cang said in a serious manner, prepared to take action. The new elder of the association, Laisy was shocked when she saw Ye Cang was serious about what he mentioned earlier. It’s okay if he does it alone but it’s somewhat related to the image of the Dark Shrine. How can he do such horrible stuff when we just joined the alliance? “Hey, president! We are now in an alliance. Your actions will cause a public wrath.”

“Why should I be afraid of that? I can just say I was affected by the illusions of the Dark Shrine… Old Mak, be my witness. It was them who cast illusion spells on me… I’m not acting on my own will…” Liasy gasped at his words. This man’s heart is definitely darker than the God Of Darkness’, maybe even more rotten too. 

Makarlo had no choice but to nod awkwardly, “Gosh, this curse is hard to detect… Sigh… I’m too careless… How can I let the Great Sage fall into the trap… The people from the Dark Shrine are too tricky…”

Originally, Youdiss had left the room but thinking that Liasy was helping Ye Cang with the office work, she decided to return to have a look. He has so many elders and yet he still wants my saintess to help him. She overheard as she arrived at the door. She was pissed. When she entered, she glared at Ye Cang and Makarlo, including the excited Agaloss who came over to confirm the capture.

“Ah!! It’s her! My mind is not under my control! Curse! It’s a curse! Ah!!!”


“I’ll persuade the Princess of Destruction…” Youdiss facepalmed.

“Heh. Just kidding. I respect Queen Cefier Lysses, just so you know…” Ye Cang put his arm around Youdiss’ shoulder and smiled.

“......” Youdiss sighed. As long as Assenroche is here, there shouldn’t be any problem.

“I wonder what the respected goddesses are doing…” Agaloss mumbled as he had nothing on his hand now. He intended to capture Cefier Lysses in the first place. If it wasn’t for her interrupting me at that time, her sister’s corpse will never be left like how it was. Hmph.

“They must be looking at us and protecting us…” Makarlo smiled.

The shrine.

“Two dots…” Lonass carefully discarded the tile. To describe her level of belief power at that moment, it was like illness-and-poverty-stricken children starving while waiting for food rations just like how she was waiting for the tile she badly needed. Every move was well thought of as she knew she must win.

“Jam! Get your hands off! Kong from me! Hoho! Draw a tile, after a kong, from the end of the wall! Ah! Damn the God of Light’s two bamboo!” Assenroche was shouting.

“Are you sure you're playing it right?! You just said the wrong thing. Pure one suit…” Mallow smirked.

“OMG! So noob! Do you even know how to play? Now, get off that seat! It’s my turn!” Aymuss took over and Assenroche was unreconciled to losing. I lost quite an amount. I must win it back later! Let’s observe their habits. No rules can bring me, the Lord of Arcane down…

Assenroche was shocked seeing Aymuss having the winning hand (one and nine character, one and nine bamboos, one and nine dots, north south east west winds, red, green and white dragons). This is the Thirteen Orphans?! Gosh! Lonass then stared at Aymuss. She must be up to something.

Assenroche gasped. She has thirteen pieces in hand. As long as she gets her hands on either one of the thirteen pieces again, she can call Mahjong (a complete hand). Most importantly is that she’s yet to be satisfied with that. How greedy. Lonass then smirked, “Self-drawn.”

“You!” Aymuss was pissed off. She did it on purpose! The others’ pieces were so big and there were so many other pieces. How can she self-draw in such a situation?! And that one piece I needed. She was shivering.

Assenroche was totally mesmerised by the game play.

“When is it going to be my turn?” Anya was eating nuts.

“Waiting for someone to discard a tile from which another player calls mahjong with?!”

“I don’t care anymore. Let’s add another rule! Those who get self-drawn must also get out of the game!” Everyone childishly agreed with Aymuss’ suggestion.

Ye Cang changed to the other game. Jia Xu and Huang Zhong were having a great time in the bar. When they noticed Ye Cang’s arrival, the three of them went to pick up a mission to the seventh floor. It came to Ye Cang’s surprise that the seventh floor was a forest. The wilted trees and plants that grew on dark and wet places could not deter Ye Cang from exploring the place. With his unique equipment, he could defeat most of the monsters and turn them into food with just his pot and ladle. Suddenly, a dangerous aura from the mud swamp made them stop.

“My prey has come again…” An octopus climbed out from the swamp and its naked upper body organs suggested she was a female. According to Ye Cang’s observation, her breast was at least G, or bigger. She was wet and had messy hair which was just long enough to cover her breast. Her Apollo's belt was also attractive. 

“Don’t bother. This demon is going to hell…” Ye Cang took out his pot and ladle. He did not need to heat up his cooking utensils as he could use magic to do the job now. “Because tentacles only belong to the Magical Girl… Gosh, what am I talking about?! Capture it alive for a good sale!”

All eight tentacles with Swords of Mud Swamp slashed at them, giving them a hard time defending. Ye Cang thought she was afraid of fire but she was smart enough to use the mud to her defence. Yet, Huang Zhong and Ye Cang counter-attacked by circling around her. Jia Xu, who was far away, was constantly replenishing their lives with healing spells and attacked her with iced arrows and poison.

In no time, the octopus lady was pushed to the edge of death and was captured by the three of them. With Huang Zhong and Jia Xu begging him for mercy, Ye Cang looted some coins and let them settle the monster themselves. They then returned to the bar.

Ye Cang welcomed the other adventurers with his cooking but was pissed when they gave him a painful look. He looked around and wondered. Should I save some money and open a bar? Hmm...what a great idea. Wherever there is cooking, there will be me, the Master of Cooking - Ye Cang. My aim is to bring or send good food to every corner of the world… That’s my way of cooking...