Ye Cang was switching between the two games. The construction of the supply station for the floating ship and other jobs were almost done; the logistic matter in the Goddess City was taken in charge by Minox and the exploration was completed by ThornyRose and the others. They had obtained information that there was an oasis on the Twin Peak Mountain but it was guarded by a large amount of undead spirits who would attack them at any time. Shaneley quickly strengthened the city’s defence as he planned to defend the attack and only then would they continue their journey. Without the supplies from the floating ship, nothing could be done.

Makarlo summoned ten gigantic tree spirits to guard the city’s tower and placed a lot of large rocks beside. A sandstorm was seen coming from afar. Ye Cang who was standing on top of the tower saw the sandstorm and an endless blackish being marching over. “Here they come…”

“Looks like they are eyeing on the east and north gate. We can transfer guards from the west and south gates but we can’t completely focus on that. Defense General, I’ve thought about it. Queen Cefier Lysses can be in charge of the south gate while the Unbounded Mercenary Association and the Adventurers Association can be responsible for the west gate. As for the others, I have planned it out. Chief-in-command, could you move to the north gate to observe the situation and help them with your team tactic abilities…”

Ye Cang then headed to the building at the north gate with his private bodyguards. Verali placed the sofa down for Ye Cang to lie down on it. Seeing the endless spirits rushing over, he opened an umbrella, took a glass of iced beverage and entered into his ‘observation mode’. “It’s good to be the chief-in-command.”

Laisy saw that the army defending the city at the north gate was the leader of the Holy Knight of the Dark Shrine - Sajar and the knight leader from Blade of Black Wind. She looked back at Ye Cang and sighed. Even Balcon was leading his Red Cross Army for war at the east gate. The Holy Dragon Knights were also on guard in the city, thousands of drakes and dragons were in position too. And the Goddess Association only sends the undead spirits warrior team led by Wind Fist. They are known as the Charger of Hammer of Storm.

ThornyRose and FlameEmperor were at the wing of the city with players from the guilds. Meanwhile, the ranged team was in position on top of the buildings.

LordAsked smirked when he saw the first wave was all the decoys - the skeletons that drained their battle energy. It was time to gain experience. Without hesitation, he attacked them under Zhang Zhengxiong’s aura. Zhang Zhengxiong was swinging his war hammer like a crazy acrobat and Lin Le cleared one large area with just a slash of his axe. The third model grenade invented by Little Ye Tian had become the most effective tool to clear skeletons for experience. The demand for such a creation superseded the supply. CloudDragon and Flame Emperor almost went bankrupt for buying those grenades. One grenade that could clear a large area of skeletons cost 20 gold coins. It was fortunate that the rewards from the skeletons were able to cover part of the cost. During the war, Little Ye Tian had only one job which was to create the grenades. To the players who had grenades, the sea of skeletons was a sea of experience waiting for them to collect. It was more or less a gamble since the skeletons would give them rewards. 

Gradually, there were gigantic sewn zombies mixed along with the skeletons. They were at least ten meters tall and were overflowing with disgusting fluid and odor. A few hundred of soldiers besieged it but once they got caught in the explosion of such a malodorous odor, their troop was basically wiped out. A source of spirit energy from afar caught Sagain’s attention as those skeletons that died got on their feet once again. Sagain stomped his staff and a holy barrier was created. It was spread to at least a few tens of kilometers away and all lost their power, once again turning into mere bones. 

The players who were happy when they saw the sea of experience revived in the first place then became disheartened. Their pressure was getting greater as vengeful spirits had joined the war too. There were vampires, all kinds of zombies and skeleton generals. To the players, these were no different from mini bosses.

“Red Cross Army! Get into formation!” Balcon unsheathed his holy sword. “Charge! Crush these dirty spirits!”

“The Shrine Knights, prepare for battle. On my command...3,2,1! Charge!” Sajar rode on his incubus with a horn on its head. 

“Verali, go down and have some fun. Show them that the Goddess Association is strong too since you are the saintess.” Ye Cang had changed his lying position while Shacily Muse was massaging his back.

“Mayor! Look at this!” Verali dropped low and the walls on the building started to crack.

“Hey, be careful! I’m still here! What if the building collapses?!” Ye Cang shouted and Verali jumped right into the war arena. Clearing a bunch with just a punch, she roared. The spirits were also stunned. She turned into a flash of thick moonlight and killed the skeleton dragon and the earl vampire. Ryance was itching. This Verali is extraordinarily talented. She battled as if that was her second nature. Besides, she was equipped with holy powers and thick skin which no weapons could penetrate. She may look clumsy and slow but she is actually agile and good at changing speed. From being clumsy to one lightning-speed punch, it’s hard for one to defend her attacks. I experienced it before. He smiled bitterly as he thought of the bruise he had a few days ago.

“Elder Fandair, you can go too.” Ye Cang ordered and Fandair turned into a huge Shadow Moon Dragon. The horn on its head was not ordinary horns that exist on both sides. It was in the shape of a gigantic crescent moon which gave off an extremely intimidating feeling. He opened its mouth and black energy started to gather.

“The Shadow Moon Dragon Breath…” Cefier Lysses felt pressured as she looked at the gigantic Shadow Moon Dragon in the sky. I’m no match for Fandair now. I guess I underestimated him back then. Perhaps only Agaloss was able to fight him in a one-on-one battle. There is no guarantee that Agaloss will win too. What’s so scary about this fella is not his dragon form but his anger. When he loses his rationality, there will be a terrifying power bubbling in him. If I’m not mistaken, this power comes from a creature from a deep layer underneath hell. Looks like his ancestors are not that ordinary...

The Flames of Shadow Moon flooded the battlefield. Sajar quickly retreated with his army and shouted, “Fandair! Are you trying to burn us to death too?!”

The Flames of Shadow Moon were different from ordinary flames. It was not as hot as the ordinary ones but it could directly jeopardize the substance’s melting burning points. Once you get burned, the consequences would be serious. It had the ability to spread not only fire like ordinary flames but also the penetrating abilities like how moonlight can shine through the layers of the atmosphere.

“Rush him back…” Makarlo laughed. Fandair might be strong but he doesn’t always use his brain. Not saying that he is stupid as he is actually quite intelligent. It is just that he can’t differentiate allies and enemies when he changes into another form during battle.

Seeing the flames burning from the north, Balcon was amazed. “Fandair - The Dragon soul? The Flames of Shadow Moon seems exactly like how it’s described in rumors… Retreat! Don’t touch the Flames of Shadow Moon!”

“Old Fan! That’s enough! The effect is on point! Your treatment has increased! Quickly come back now!” Ye Cang shouted as he continued lying on the sofa. “Oh Lil’Sha, you’re getting better at making tea huh… Not bad, keep it up…”

“I’m glad the mayor likes it…” Shacily Muse was really afraid of Ye Cang. His acts in the Goddess Shrine were terrifying and especially what he did to me… She covered her face as she blushed. It’s better to live alone on an island myself… Cries...