In the sea of flames, Fandair reverted into his druid form and looked at Ye Cang with a grateful heart. All these while, the mayor has been treating me very well. I must repay him in the future. Just then, he caught sight of a Horseman of Apocalypse among the undead knights that were rushing towards the city. Anger surged through his body as his eyes turned red. He roared, “Your sin could not be forgiven! Never be forgiven! How dare you go against the mayor! I, Fandair - The Dragon Soul, swear in the names of my parents, Goddess of Full-moon and the guide of the lost adventurers of the Forever Song Forest, that I will crush you into nothingness! Turn all of you into ashes!”

“President! Fandair is crazy!” Laisy shouted as she sensed a strong holy power that frightened her.

“Let me see. There’s no big deal. Bet he’s just mad because he was called back when he was having a great time battling just now. Told you not to do that. Ask Verali to come back. We don’t want any of our men to get hurt. But it’s okay for us to hurt people.” Ye Cang got up, took a glance and sat back down to enjoy his iced tea.

No, no, no. I think it is abnormal too. This power is going berserk. Fandair saw the Flames of Shadow Moon leaking out from Fandair’s muscular body, including from his red eyes. A moment later, a loud dragon roar was heard.


The gigantic Dragon of Shadow Moon dashed up into the sky, bringing the sea of flames along. Ye Cang was mesmerised by the sight of such a beautiful dragon. Not bad, Old Fan.

“Great Sage, this is no longer the Dragon of Shadow Moon!” Agaloss blurted out as he knew the power was greater than the Dragon King of Shadow Moon.

Numerous draconic, elemental and demonic magic circles appeared in the sky and the dragon opened its mouth. It was accumulating all the energy it could from those circles.

“Set up the barrier! And fall back! Everyone who could cast a barrier! Freaking cast it on Camuse City!” Sagain shouted as he knew how horrible the attack would be if it was shot from the dragon’s mouth. He was so bothered by the frustration stirring up in him. Gosh, the number of times I shouted in this month is way more than in the past 100 years. Are these people nuts?! He quickly cast a Light Shelter for the believers of the Holy Church and asked them to maintain the fortification of its barrier. Staring at Fandair, he smiled bitterly.

Agaloss drew a circle and it instantly engulfed Ye Cang and the other elders beside. He activated Arcane Dimensional Shift.

“I’ll head to where the floating ship is. Just in case something bad happens, we must at least protect the station. Or else, everything will be back to square one…” Makarlo felt helpless as he disappeared from the circle.

As the Horseman of Apocalypse jumped off his skeleton horse, he swung his spear to unleash a black barrier. He then tossed his spear right at Fandair with all his might but it was instantly melted as it got close to Fandair.

The entire Camuse City was protected by various barriers. As Fandair unleashed its dragon breath, the sky turned into the color of Shadow Moon and nothing else.

The Flames of Shadow Moon poured like a waterfall, spreading towards every corner it could reach. The entire city was engulfed by it, corroding barriers after barriers. The flames surged on the barrier and it was as if all the clouds had turned into flames. Ye Cang took a sip of his beverage and asked, “Well...we can make it through, can’t we?”

“It’s going to be alright. The barrier protecting us is a barrier that allows us to escape this dimension and shifts us to the Mysterious Realm of Arcane (Border of Mysterious),” Agaloss smiled with confidence.

Youdiss was stunned by the sight of the endless flames. No wonder Cefier Lysses dared not seek revenge on Fandair and instead chose to keep Shinar locked up for a hundred years. It’s not that she doesn’t want it. She couldn’t do it. If this flame ever bombards the Palace of Elves, I bet the entire palace will be gone in no time.

ThornyRose and the others were also shocked by the situation. He is not an elder, he is a natural disaster alright?!

Shaneley and Sajar stared at the construction site outside of the barrier. Not being able to see anything from the flattened ground made them so sad that their hearts felt empty. The work was just finished a few days ago!

The flames had been burning for quite a while and it did not seem to be subsiding. As the clock ticked, Sagain felt it was energy-draining but he had already asked all the believers to maintain the barrier. The steel barrier from the Saintess from the Steel Empire was the first to be broken as she sat on the ground, energyless. After that, it was Lu Jiaxi’s anti-flame barrier. They were lucky that the flames were getting weaker at this moment, breaking apart and revealing the sky again. The scene was such a beautiful sight even though the clouds were still lighted with flames and sparks were floating in the air.

Agaloss canceled his barrier and looked at the far side. It was an endless sea of Flames of Shadow Moon. As for the undead spirits...they were all gone, including the Horseman of Apocalypse who came to check on the army. If I’m not mistaken, it was the Knight of Disease… He didn’t even have the chance to say his name before turning into ashes. Fandair was in a completely weakening state. He teleported himself to Fandair with the Mysterious Realm of Arcane and wrapped him with Arcane Shield. Staring at Fandair who was laying on the ground panting and eventually got out of consciousness, Ye Cang had an idea. “Gosh...he turned slim after using the ultimate. Old Mak, during the next meeting, remember to claim some resource fees or nutrient fees from them to get Old Fan recovered. He had contributed so much to this battle. He saved the city from danger single-handedly. I think we need at least a few hundred thousand gold coins. Look at him, this is the first time I can see the shape of the bone on his face… If I don’t treat Old Fan to a feast of a few dragons, I feel owing…”

“......” Makarlo knew what he was up to. Fandair is still there laying on the ground and you...

“He wouldn’t die, would he?” Ye Cang saw Fandair’s breath was slowly getting back to normal.

“Nope, he is just over-exhausted. He will be fine if he replenishes some nutrients.” Makarlo shook his head.

“Alright then. He just started to work a few months ago, it’s not worth it if he dies so early…” Ye Cang’s words shocked Makarlo and Agaloss as they had goosebumps staring at the Great Sage.

Sagain and the rest came to them with anger. Ye Cang held the unconscious Fandair in his hand and said before the others could, “Elder Fan has done a great job in this battle. Look at him. He is so weak now and his energy is completely drained. There’s definitely some permanent damage in there. I hope all of us can fork out some money to buy a few dragons for him to recover his energy to his usual state…”

“If it wasn’t for him, the city’s defence would not suffer such destructive damage! Look! All the city walls have been melted!” the eldest Prince of Elf shouted and Ye Cang looked at him with a tilted head. “Do you have the rights to speak here? Verali, toss him to the Flames of Shadow Moon as a sacrificial to Fandair…” Ye Cang smiled.