“Back off! Luca!” Cefier Lysses knew Ye Cang was oppressing her. The Goddess of Life has awakened and she even had an argument with Assenroche and the others in the Goddess City. I must not give him the chance to catch my wrongdoings! “Forgive me, Chief-in-command PaleSnow…”

“Look at Elder Fandair. He has gotten this skinny and there is not a single enemy out there. How dare you treat a warrior who won the battle like that! How cruel! There’s nothing much left to talk about! The Goddess Association will quit the alliance. If the Natural Disaster attacks the north border, we will protect it ourselves.” Ye Cang was mad, “Let’s go!”

“Count me in…” Youdiss smirked and Ye Cang expressed his gratitude, “You surely are the most trusted alliance of the Goddess Association…”

“Chief-in-command, we don’t mean it that way…” Sagain was helpless. If he leaves, the floating ship supply will be gone. Not to mention, the Dark Shrine is going to leave with him too. Who knows whether the two of them would ambush us, the Holy Church with the power of the World Tree. These two bastards’ hearts are competing whose is darker...

“I understand. Money. Price.” Lu Lily shrugged her shoulders, acknowledging the fact that it was Fandair who wiped out the entire army of his enemies.

“Now, let me make this clear. I didn’t force you to pay. But with Elder Fandair sacrificing himself, you guys should somewhat show some appreciation, shouldn’t you? So, I’m assuming this price. If you can pay...” Ye Cang showed ‘1’ with his finger.

“A hundred thousand?!” Fenna frowned.

“Elder Fandair! They treat you as a beggar...that’s so cruel...how can you rest in peace in heaven?!” Ye Cang’s eyes started to turn watery and Youdiss was shocked. Bruh...this is totally...he isn’t even dead yet...

“Alright, understood. Get Elder Fandair to rest.” Sagain agreed with the price. This is no different from Fandair’s action in the Magic Forest. He either gets some food from those whom he guided or steal some honey from Elder Lord Bearbear.

Ye Cang casually tossed Fandair to Verali and Verali grabbed him and walked away.

“Alright, let’s discuss the after-war matters.” Ye Cang smiled and asked everyone to his tent as if nothing had happened.

“......” Everyone was speechless.

“Let’s not rush it. It’s not too late to discuss after this sea of flames is completely gone.” Sephirons stood on a hill, staring at the flames. Fandair is one of the important individuals to this war. No one has ever thought that an honest man who tricks people for food in the Forever Song Forest could get so insane. I bet none of us could survive in these destructive flames. Shinar was afraid when she saw the flames. It reminded her of that terrible night when the mad Fandair sent the Flames of Shadow Moon to her. If it wasn’t for mother, he would have killed me already. Is this really the offspring of a little fairy and a pig beast?! A druid that can turn into a dragon?

Even though Makarlo knew that Fandair’s actions were reckless, it somewhat secured Ye Cang’s position as the chief-in-command. There’s nothing more persuasive than this endless sea of flames. Makarlo did not expect Fandair would be that intimidating when he was not in his right mind. Recalling the Shadow Moon Dragon that could brighten up the night sky, he wondered. What is he? I know his father. Dragon Soul. The little fairy in the forest who loves to prank others. The name Dragon Soul doesn’t mean anything since the fairy has so many weird names like the Big Universe, the Heavenly King, the Holy King and etc. His mother passed away not long after giving birth to him. Well, the average lifespan of the White Pig Tribe is far lesser than the fairy afterall. Fandair used three hundred years to get into adulthood and his mother died when he was 80 years old. His father had eventually fallen ill from the sadness it brought him. Fairies could never drop a tear as that would mean instant death for them.

Makarlo also realized that Fandair’s body made him look like a member of the White Pig Tribe but its size was like those of the fairies. Not plumb at all. His eyes were similar to those of fairies’ except that he would not die if tears flowed out of it. His forthright personality was like his generous mother’s and his habit of helping those who were lost was like the thoughtful fairies’.

However, only Fandair himself knew the truth. When he was young, his father could not resist the sadness and dropped a tear. His father also made a wish at the same time, hoping his son could be as strong as a dragon, and had enough freedom to soar into the skies without any worries. The God of Fairies made the wish come true. As to why the Shadow Moon Dragon among all other dragons, maybe it was because of his father’s experience in the Shadow Moon Valley. Fandair always listened to his father, the Dragon Soul when he talked about the things he saw in the valley. The Shadow Moon Valley was the only place Dragon Soul had been to other than the Magic Forest.

Amidst the darkness of unconsciousness, Fandair saw his father teared with a smile. “Son, you will be as strong as a dragon and you will be soaring in the great skies without any worries… No matter what, your mother and I would turn into clouds to support you… Sindosha...Alaguorie…”

As the crystal clear tear dropped, the tiny body of Dragon Soul began to crack.

“Father! No!” Fandair jolted up with a loud shout. He saw himself in the tent but his body was frozen. He could not make a single move. “Verali, is the mayor okay?”

“Oh, he is alright for sure. The mayor had gotten some money for you. The death compensation? I don’t remember the exact name but he said he wanted to buy you some dragons to eat…” Verali was chewing the drumstick of a drake.

“Death compensation?” Fandair felt something was weird.

When the flames had completely extinguished, dawn had broken. The sand around Camuse City had turned into glass crystals. When the first ray of the sun shined on the surface of glass, it reflected into a variety of colors, making the entire city look like a holy realm and everyone gasped in awe at the sight of it. The flames have melted the sand into glass?! The color of the glass had also mixed with the color of the bones and other metallic items. Ye Cang summoned Little Blue Feather to fly into the sky and looked down from below. It was a colorful scene to see the entire Camuse City beautified with such interesting materials. Not bad, Old Fan. You’ve helped us decorate the city.

“I think if there isn’t a need, Fandair can stay away from the frontline…” Shaneley saw the rocks of the city wall had turned into magma.

“I agree too…” Sagain nodded and the others followed. Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders, “It’s up to you guys. It just saves me from trouble. Old Fan needs some rest too. Oh, Old Sa, as for the money, when are you going to pay…”

“I’ll ask someone to send it to the Goddess City.” Sagain’s words made Ye Cang nod and he turned around to whisper to Youdiss, “Does this person usually keep to his promises?”

“He is the Great Pope of the Holy Church, mind you. He does keep his promises…” Youdiss smirked.

Sagain was clenching his staff so hard. How I wish I could just crack the head of this white wolf.