ThornyRose really thought that they were not playing the same game. That fella is playing around with the ultimate boss from each of the forces while I'm dealing with Flame Emperor and CloudDragon for some equipment distribution. When I was told the source of his experience, I was speechless. He can just level up offline… and the rate of him levelling up is way faster than us… How absurd...

“Old Fan surely is thoughtful, he even drew the area of my territory for me.” Ye Cang stared at the sea of glass and Youdiss rolled her eyes. Gosh, how many times do you want to praise Old Fan to show how important the Goddess Association is?! Fandair… I have underestimated him… Can't believe this fella has the sub-branch of the Demon God's bloodline. I could only see it if he goes completely berserk..

“Mayor, since this sea of glass is a proof of Elder Fandair's contribution in eliminating the disaster, how about you directly or indirectly name it with his name?” Makarlo was recently addicted to giving random things a name. 

“For example?” Ye Cang asked. 

“The Sway of Shadow Moon…” Makarlo suggested, recalling the beautiful scene. 

“Hmm… not bad…that'd be its name.” Everyone was helpless with Ye Cang's plan of establishing his territory as they had no chance going against him. This place is the nearest to him and there is only a path that leads to the Great Wasteland. The Ravine of Death. Jam's assembly point is here. Well, there's another way which is through the sea but it's harder than climbing over the Black Peak Mountain though. Phoenix and the King of Sea Monsters can be seen quite often… Besides, he also has control of the other seaway. The route from Farsarqi to Sea Sand City.

“Hey, do beastmen only know how to fool around?” Ryance sneered at Jarsha.

“The real battle hasn't started, SkyConquering Martial Arts Saint.” Jarsha did not get mad but smiled with overwhelming confidence. 

“Hmph.” Ryance had once battled him before but it was more like an exchange of skills. This werewolf spirit is super strong. He is definitely not any weaker than I am.

What Ye Cang knew about Jarsha was he was part of a force from afar and was not close with those Big Six Forces such as the Holy Church and had his own beliefs. Ye Cang got all the information from Makarlo. He then dragged Youdiss over and whispered, “Do you think we have a chance of dragging him to our our justice partner.”

“You want to team up with those tricky beastmen? Well, it isn’t impossible but you better be prepared for these lowlifes.” Youdiss publicly showed her despise over the beastmen. Ye Cang did not understand but nodded anyway. Makarlo who was at the side heard it. The Holy Church and Dark Shrine or even the goddesses from the Shrine of Life shared the same attitude towards them. Fallen lowlife. If it wasn’t that their tribe was located at a far place and they had strong combat powers, I bet the incident that happened on the half-elves would happen too. Actually, it is easy if the mayor wants Jarsha to stand on his side, the reason being that Jarsha’s trading activities lie in the mayor’s hand. The Endless Swamp belongs to our Elder Ansa, the leader of non-evil creatures. On the coast, we have the Alabachia tribe controlling the sea. If Jarsha and his people want to get out of their home, they must pass these two places to get to Farsarqi.

But of course, there was always another option which was to go through the greenfield and the mountain under the control of Ajasnar. That also means they must also conquer the Burning Furnace on Sophire Mountain. First, Ajasnar has an agreement between the Big Six Forces. If Jarsha declared his conquest over the mountain, he would have become everyone’s target. The Burning Furnace had only fallen once which was at the time of the demons’ infiltration. The Door of Demon Realm was right inside the Burning Furnace. Anyone who had been there knew that not only were there spies helping the demons, but one must be on par with the Dragon Army in order to break in. The Dragon tribe did not manage to conquer the Burning Furnace at that time. Anyone who read the history of the War of Dragon Tribe knew that thousands of dragon bones were inside the sea of molten iron. During that war, almost half of the Dragon tribe were wiped out by the treacherous sea.

Makarlo thought. If the mayor really has the intention to pull Jarsha over, I must remind him of this.

“What about the War God’s Temple?” Ye Cang continued to whisper.

“He doesn’t even acknowledge me, do you think he will acknowledge you?! War God’s Temple? Just forget about it. It is always the neutral side. Open the Book of War God and you will see the first rule stating that warriors should never belong to any homeland. Although they will always be the first to react when there’s something bad happening to the Big Six Forces, they don’t care about battles or fights between those forces. Never.” Youdiss mumbled, “As for Sephirons, don’t bother about him, he is already mine…”

“Oh and him…okay…”

“What are you thinking? If it wasn’t for me, he would have died almost eight hundred times. If the Holy Church didn’t go all out to capture him, I would have already taken him under my shield instead of helping him under the table.” Youdiss recalled the incident caused by Sephirons. Out of so many people, this fella just has to trigger the previous saintess from the Holy Church.

“You don’t have to care about the Adventurers Association too. The Milk Overlord - Linda is my man,” Ye Cang was proud of it.

Youdiss was speechless. The president isn’t Linda. But the flat-chested tom-boy girl...Is that all? She could not stop wondering as she stared at her. Actually, the Adventurers Association is extremely strong but now… they have become complacent? In the past, Linda and the rest, from the Brave Warrior Team of the Association, could handle anything single handedly. They have even accomplished a series of impossible missions. Linda served as a backup of the White Stone City alone; Ruke forced an army of millions to retreat etc. Because of them, the Adventurers Association was well-known among the Big Six. It shocked everyone that the people who often help others to search for missing cats, rabbits or wild herbs actually had such a big potential. If I’m not mistaken, Linda is the King of Low-level Missions. She has completed two hundred thousand missions of searching for missing pets and the person ranked second only completed two thousand similar missions.

“Oh yeah, the people from Farsarqi are your men too, aren’t they?” Youdiss could tell there was a special relationship between Minox and Ye Cang. I guess even the blind would notice it. It’s just that Minox hasn’t been entitled as the elder of the Goddess Association but it’s just a matter of time before that happens.

“Hey, mind your words. We experienced death together…” Ye Cang saw Youdiss rolling her eyes. “Alright, I’ll tell you this. She wants to have sex with me but I rejected her.”

“......” Youdiss was in total speechlessness, not knowing how to comment on that matter. “You...impressive…” She held a thumbs up.

“Ask Farsarqi to focus its trades on the Dark Shrine so we stand a chance to threaten the Holy Church secretly, is that alright?” Youdiss asked.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. Being biased is the last thing you can think of when doing business. We must compare the supplies from different suppliers. Are your goods really better than the Holy Church?” Ye Cang shook his head and Youdiss ground her teeth. This fella just wants benefits. I guess I can’t be thrifty on this. “20%?”

“Three is my lucky number...I don’t like the number two…” Ye Cang mumbled.

Youdiss had the urge to dig his heart out to see the color of it. She forcefully smiled, “Alright, 30%...”

“Mayor Minox will definitely feel the sincerity you have for the Goddess Association and accept your offer,” Ye Cang smiled.

“Whatever. By the way, it had been made known to the Princess of Destruction about your stuff. She will descend to the Goddess City and meet Assenroche…” Youdiss whispered as she glanced at Cefied Lysses and Sagain who were talking to the presidents of the Necromancy Academy and the Ritualist Association.