Goddess City.

Just when the goddesses were shouting at each other while playing the game of mahjong, a lady donning a black unknown energy as her dress appeared from the shadow. She had wavy long black hair and looked arrogant. After scanning around, she landed on Assneroche’s shoulder. “Long time no see…”

Assenroche did not have anything against the Princess of Darkness. Among the elemental spirits, Assenroche was close to the Dark Elemental Spirit - Diayass and the Water Elemental Spirit - Kael. This lady is one of the birth contracts of Diayass and also Kael’s ex-girlfriend. Even though he said they broke up, she did not admit. That’s why Anna stepped in and settled the issue. Looks like she is here to help us. The guard at the door said that the Dark Shrine and the Goddess Association had become allies. Since she has awakened, the Dark Shrine must have known about it too.

“Gaka Asenroche, did Anna, that b*tch come over?” The Princess of Destruction had her respect for Assenroche. In the language of gods, ‘Gaka’ is a phrase to address senior brother or sister. Diayass and Kael were Assenroche’s best friends anyway.

“Yeap, she just left a while ago. She asked me why her three daughters went to the Magic Forest to increase their believers,” Assenroch’s electric-pulse voice was gentle.

The Princess glanced at the three sisters with contempt. This was because she had been one of the elite gods ever since she was born. In the Dark Shrine, she was only a rank below the main god, the Twins of Darkness. As for the three sisters, they were lower ranked gods whose prime time was nowhere near hers. On the other hand, since Aymuss and Lonass were under Assenroche’s birth contract, she did not complain much. Even though they seem numb, they have relationships with Assenroche. When it comes to basic manners among the gods, one should never roll his eyes or give a despised look at others.

“Hey, scolding our mother in front of us? Who do you think you are? Leader, what do you say? Her insult against us is equivalent to an insult against you.” Even though Mallow did not have a good relationship with her mother, she disliked the Princess of Destruction even more. With much righteousness, she looked at Assenroche. 

“That’s right, leader. Look at her. She is too arrogant.” Anya grabbed Assenroche’s hand.

“Leader, you must make a decision for us...we are a team...we must have teamwork…” Jam laid her head on Assenroche’s shoulder.

Aymuss and Lonass were speechless at the three of them. Wow, these three ungrateful daughters dare to say such words...

Seeing Assenroche having a hard time, Mallow argued, “Quickly ask her to lower her ego and accept our team so we won’t be so passive in any future cooperation. Also, you have lost a lot, return me my belief power now.”

Assneroche slammed the table as she stood up, “Femier! Please take back your insult against Anna… I declare in the names of Arcane Elemental Spirit…”

The Princess of Destruction looked at Assenroche’s serious face. What is she trying to do? The two goddesses stared at each other. However, when it came to Assenroche, no god was stronger than her. Among the elemental spirits, she was ranked third, below the Light and Dark Elemental.

In the end, the Princess said, “I apologise for my mistake. I’ll take back my words.”

“And ask her to play mahjong with us...you can teach her...I’ll give you this amount if she wins…” Assenroche’s and Anya’s hands were holding together.

The remaining four goddesses did not know the reason behind Anya’s action but they knew she was up to no good. Lonass and Anymuss no longer wanted to be bystanders so they joined in. Lonass said with a great smile, “Femier, we are currently playing an interesting game, do you want to join us? If you win, you will gain belief powers...the amount we bet isn’t that large anyway…”

Lonass showed her a handful of crystals and she looked around. Are those belief powers? She was hesitating as she needed some belief power since she had just awakened. Even though the need was not strong, she still walked towards them as Assenroche nodded. Little Jade who was observing at the corner was shivering. I feel this lady is acting more and more like a team leader. Her personality is getting more evil. This is obviously a trap for the Princess of Destruction...

Femier had noticed Little Jade’s presence but did not bother as she thought she might be some servant in the shrine. Assenroche and the others then explained the rules. When she knew she could not use any of her holy powers or abilities, she understood something was not right. And yet, she had already agreed to join in. I’m the Princess of Destruction - Femier. There’s no way I would lose to these low-ranked b*tches! “One bamboo!”

“Thirteen Oprhans! I win…” Assenroche showed her pieces.

“East Wind!” Femier.

“Oopsie, Great Wind Hands.” Lonass smiled happily but in Femier’s eyes, it was a smirk.

Femier was trembling and discarded another piece after much hesitation. “Eight bamboos.”

“Here it comes, All Green!” It was Mallow’s turn to show her pieces.

Femier was devastated. This is a trap...

Moments later.

Femier who owed a lot of debt facepalmed. Mallow held her over and whispered, “Ask the Twins of Darkness over. If we win, we’ll give you this amount. Not only that you get to repay your debt, you also get to earn a little…”

Seeing Asseronche and the rest smiling creepily, Femier nodded.

As the Princess of Destruction left, Assenroche pondered. Heh, I earned something too… Staring at Mallow and the rest, she said, “Hey, I don’t owe you guys anything!”

Swiftly, Femier came back with the Twins of Darkness, Dass and Danna. However, this time around, it was not that simple. Dass and Danna won some and lost some. Only then, Femier realized she was being tricked. According to her own style, she managed to win some belief power back but she was still in debt. Little Jade who was at the corner pondered. OMG do you guys need to be this creepy when playing mahjong? So many arguments from just a few small problems. They folded their sleeves till they almost reached their necks.

Little Jade observed the Twins of Darkness, the greatest god in the Dark Shrine. They were on par with the God of Light. A male and a female. They looked exactly the same, as ordinary as a passerby on the street.

Seeing her belief power crystals getting lesser, Lonass was starting to be desperate. My belief power!

In the end, Assenroche also lost what she had previously earned. I will have debts if I continue. She then said, “Alright, it was a long game, why don’t we take a rest and play again next time?”

“Pick a time and we’ll come,” The Twins of Darkness smiled simultaneously.

“Alright, I’ll take revenge for what I lost.” Femier was addicted to the game too. I can still accept the amount I lost but that aside, this game is too fun and too thrilling. Belief powers...Hehe...I will win... next time...We’ll see...

Watching the goddesses fixing a time for their next round of mahjong, Little Jade was shocked. Hey, you guys are gods. Losing holy powers in the game of mahjong… Can you guys be more carefree than this?

Jam kept the mahjong table away and Aymuss took out the cards, “Shall we play Dou Dizhu?”

The gods from the Dark Shrine stopped and turned around. The gods were now engaging themselves in a new game of Dou Dizhu and Little Jade was speechless. Are you sure they are gods?! Quietly, she walked out of the shrine and heard them screaming.

“Bidding for landlord!”

“I’ll take it!”

“Your ass! I’ve four Bosses! They are the proof of me getting the landlord! (sometimes, there might be different rules if you play with friends. ‘2’ and Jokers (colored or black and white) are considered bosses. If one has four bosses, he or she must get the landlord and cannot give it to others.)”


“You went so aggressively for the landlord and you chose to play this shit? A ‘3’?! I’ll put ‘4’.”

“‘5’ for me then…” As Femier placed her card, Dass said, “I think you have problems with the order you place your cards. The next player is the landlord so you should place a bigger card to pressure her because our end goal is to eliminate the cards in the landlord’s hand…”

Femier instantly understood but the card was already placed. Lonass passed.

Little Jade closed the door and took out the cooking utensils, preparing to cook something she loved.

“The one at the door, would you bring back some nuts for us! Thank you!” Aymuss shouted and Little Jade had no choice but to take some nuts from the storage and started frying them. Team leader, you must give me a big angpau and bonus this year...Gosh, the people inside are hard to please...