Ordinary meeting.

“We achieved a perfect victory in the battle yesterday. The Knights of Apocalypse - Disease died in the hands of Elder Fandair from the Goddess Association before he could report his name nor be seen by us. All enemies were eliminated. I would like to thank the Goddess Association on behalf of everyone…” Shaneley said.

“It’s our duty anyway. I’ll thank the Holy Church for the supporting fee on behalf of Elder Fandair. If anyone wishes to contribute some money in the hope of speeding up Elder Fandair’s recovery, you are always free to find me after the meeting… Of course, you can voice out now too,” Ye Cang replied.

“......” No one bothered and Sephirons said, “I have clues on the second oasis. In order to explore further in this Great Wasteland, we need an oasis. The further we get, the more terrible and unpleasant the environment and the weather. Do you think it’s horrible from the north border to here? You would be naive to think so. We are currently in the southeast of the Great Wasteland. In the north, the scorching sun will be continuously burning the sand during the day and you would only see a sea of white sand at night. That’s the most terrible environment… That was where I died…”

“To be precise, you escaped there and died,” Balcon inserted some sarcasm but Sephirons did not bother. “But before I die, I saw an oasis but it was unfortunate that I couldn’t make it there. When I’ve been demonised, I stayed there for a period of time and returned to Yokershane. So, if we are to head deep into the north region of the Great Wasteland, it’s best to be well prepared. The central region is the hottest place but it’s just the temperature being high. It doesn’t harm us and we must try our best to avoid the Ring of Sun.”

“The RIng of Sun?” Ye Cang asked. 

“The central region of the Great Wasteland is the source of the heat. The temperature is extremely high. Any individual who walks past it can instantly evaporate.” Sephirons witnessed the barrier of the Ring of Sun. “According to my knowledge, I knew there is only one oasis in the north region and it’s a place blessed by the gods. So it would not shift its location. For now, we will have to head to the northeast as there would still be a chance that there’s an oasis there. Well, just wait for the news from us, scout team.”

“Alright, thank you Sephirons.” Shaneley and the Holy Church had interacted with Sephirons before this. Their relationship was not that close as they were more of acquaintances.

Sephirons nodded. Just when Balcon was about to sneer at him, Youdiss interrupted, “Well, at least he helped us find the first oasis. If it wasn’t for this oasis, I bet some people might have gotten home with some secret magic. Sigh. Unlike those mad dogs that only bark and contribute nothing…”

Balcon knew Youdiss was referring to him as he glared at her with angry eyes. Yet, Fenna kicked his leg under the table, signalling him not to do so.

The talented flat-chested sword saint - Ain was observing Sephirons and blushed once in a while. Sajar noticed her reactions and whispered to her, “He doesn’t have a d*ck though...the one he had when he was alive wasn’t that big either…”

“F*ck off! Lowlife creep…” Ain was pissed off. In the scout team, the members had experienced many life-threatening situations which strengthened their relationship. Sajar and Ain had also become best friends as the scout team was the most crucial element in the war. Since most of the time was spent blindly exploring, determination was important to them. Ain then recalled a moment when she was saved by Sephirons and her face embarrassedly gleamed. I thought he said he wouldn’t be responsible for  my death? The young lady looked at Sephirons with much affection but Sephirons’ Flame of Soul was looking at the co-leader of the scout team - Milk Overlord Linda.

When Linda stood up to deliver her speech, most of them did not really pay attention and just blindly agreed. Yes, they were all taken away by the bouncy waves.

Sephirons then realized why Ye Cang said he would be the enemy of the entire Goddess Association if Linda ever died. She is truly the source for men to be determined! No matter how exhausted and painful a man is, those bouncy waves could clear all his agony.

After the end of the meeting, the scout team set off their journey. On the other hand, the floating ship from the Goddess City had arrived at the station. Minox came along with the ship and managed all the constructions of Camuse City on behalf of Ye Cang. No one objected to this decision as Farsarqi had been well-known for their planning and trading. Swiftly, Minox and Youdiss had become best friends as a result of the outcome of a meeting on the trade. However, Ye Cang almost ruined everything and left them being helpless and speechless. He requested 30% of the profits earned from both Farsarqi and Dark Shrine as his commission. 

Besides, Minox had brought the Alabachia and Ansa tribe to the desert, not the city. The Alabachia tribe took control of a coastal oasis in the west while Ansa’s tribe was camping at an oasis found near the mountain valley nearby. Ye Cang did not inform anyone about this and Minox sealed her mouth too. She knew that this was a trump card Ye Cang was trying to hide under his sleeves. At the sight of Camuse City, she was shocked. The sea of glass surrounding the city was extremely beautiful.

A few days after the scout team had left, there came a bunch of aborigines to Camuse City. Sagain and the rest were initially suspicious of them but after an investigation through holy magic, they detected no threats from these ordinary humans. In the meeting, the village chief - Shaluss told them the situation in Iskafanda. Only then did they know that the main city of Iskafanda - Iskar had run out of water supply. The citizens had been migrating to other oases but it came to their disappointment that the oasis they knew of had disappeared. In the end, they managed to settle down in one in the west of the central region. Yet, the oasis was not large enough to accommodate so many people so some were exiled. Many had died during their migration and it was the same encounter for Shaluss’ village. They only had half of the population left as most of the elderly had been left out and could not sustain their lives. Those who managed to make it to the city were youngsters, including children and ladies. There was no one of old age left after the disaster and Shaluss was barely at his mid-age.

After that, he told them about undead spirits starting to appear out of nowhere in the desert. Even though his village was already running out of water supply, the main reason they left was due to the attack of the spirits.

“Are you guys able to confirm the location of your new city?” Sagain asked.

“Of course. Why? Are you planning to go there? Please don’t! There are too many spirits and undead creatures in that place! When we migrated, we hid behind the hill and saw a lot of them entering our city.” Shaluss shook his head. In his heart, he was satisfied with Camuse City since there was a sufficient supply of water and food. This is heaven!