“You should have known by now that we are the Anti-Disaster Alliance. Our aim is to eliminate Natural Disaster. I hope you can have someone lead us to aid the new city.” Ye Cang smiled with sincerity. The rest of the alliance looked at Ye Cang’s face. This fella only gives a good first impression...

Even though Shaluss did not know who Ye Cang was, he saw him sitting in the president’s seat. Only the leader will sit in the first seat. Humbly, he said, “We appreciate your kindness in keeping us here. In order to express our gratitude, I’ll lead the alliance on behalf of my people.” 

“Chief Shaluss, please go and have a rest for now.” Ye Cang knew he was tired and Shaluss left the tent. “Alright, someone bring his army to conquer the new city.”

“Let’s confirm the truth of this news. Assuming it is true, Balcon and I will bring the Red Cross Army to support. As for anyone else who would be following, command-in-chief, please give your orders. Or else, someone joined this alliance without contributing anything.” Fenna smirked at Jarsha.

Jarsha laughed before Ye Cang could say anything, “Saintess Fenna is right. We, the beast kings would send two leaders of the lion and tiger tribe to support the Holy Church…”

“Hpmh…” Balcon wanted to say something but stopped as she saw Fenna’s expression.

“I’ll go too,” Dion said lazily.

“And the both of us too!” EmptyHanded and the Master of Gangster said.

“I’ll bring the people from Jingwu Temple along,” HundredFlame Martial Arts Saint voiced out.

“Lord Bearbear, since everyone here has to protect my safety, they can’t come out with any free time. So, you will be the representative of our association. Don’t embarrass us, will you…” Ye Cang sighed. “If you ever get our association embarrassed…”

“......” Lord Bearbear felt stressed.

“President, we should go too…” Makarlo sent him a signal through his eye. Ye Cang was confused at first but he realized in no time. Wow, you tricky old fella… This is surely a proper way to steal the people’s treasure! Yet, what was in Makarlo's mind was a type of flower. The flower is Iskar’s pride. No matter where they migrate to, they will bring that desert golden rose along. If it is possible to replant it in Goddess City or Camuse City, it would be great. He appreciated Ye Cang’s supportive look but felt weird at the same time...

“Old Mak, what you said is right. I must personally lead the army…” Ye Cang changed his mind and Lord Bearbear heaved a sigh of relief. Cailon gave Ye Cang a weird look. About that, Earl PaleSnow, among the people in the Planetary Empire, that phrase can only be used by me. He then ordered Azshara, “Marquis Ashara, lead the Three-Colored Royal Army and protect Mayor PaleSnow’s safety.”

“Understood, your majesty,” Azshara bowed.

Everyone was speechless to Ye Cang’s ever-changing attitude.

Shaneley had no plans on sending the people from the Steel Empire because they would still require a large amount of army staying back to protect the city. “The chief-in-command is leaving and there must be someone guarding this place. This is the reason why we are able to set foot in the desert. We can’t transfer too many troops away in case of any emergencies.”

No one objected Shaneley’s suggestions and all stopped volunteering.

“Laisy, you will be staying here to command the Dark Shrine Royal Team. I’ll follow the mayor to Iskafanda to have a look,” Youdiss ordered and Laisy nodded. His Highness and President PaleSnow have been getting closer lately.

As the sky turned dark, Ye Cang, with the company of ThornyRose and the rest of the players, were on their way to Iskafanda’s new city under Shaluss’ guide. It originally needed ten days but with sufficient water and food supply, they could speed up the journey and reach within five days. What made Shaluss confused was that the army was bringing a lot of magic crystal. To him, these crystals were no different to the stones in the desert. What the hell are those for? In the Great Wasteland, water and food were like the most expensive treasure and every other thing was worthless. However, when he saw Ye Cang’s ability to turn crystals into water, tears broke out his eyes and shouted, “Oh a god has finally descended! My honorable god!”

Shaluss was kneeling and praying to Ye Cang who was enjoying his iced tea on the sofa behind Verali’s back. 

“......” Everyone was confused and Ye Cang who suddenly thought how to react said, “I’ve lost some of my memories. Can you tell me why you are addressing me as a god?”

“There has been a prophecy in Iskafanda that in the future, there would be a great god that could turn sand into water. He would bring glory to Iskafanda… And it’s you! You can actually turn stones into water! My utmost god! Please save Iskafanda!” Shaluss kneeled and begged.

Ye Cang got up from the sofa and entered into his Sanzang mode. He cunningly put on a kind expression and sat with crossed legs. “I’ve recovered my memories… So, I see…”

Gently, he hopped down from the sofa, got Shaluss up and smiled. “No worries, I’ll save this place because well… that’s my duty…”

Ye Cang then turned one crystal into water above Shaluss, letting it flow down his head as if it was a baptism ceremony. Shaluss’ eyes were glowing with sincerity, “You are indeed the true god of Iskafanda… Thank you for baptizing me…”

Shaluss prayed to him again and got up after Ye Cang asked him to. Makarlo, Agaloss and the others were speechless. Great Sage! How can you tell such a lie?! Won’t you feel bad? Yet, Ye Cang turned around and looked at them with a smile, signalling them to keep their mouth shut. All the elders gasped.

Shacily Muse whispered to Makarlo since he was one of the elders who followed the mayor long before the rest. “If I were to tell the mayor that I would want to go back to my hometown...do you think he will agree?”


Makarlo glanced at her from top to bottom. “Hmm...you can try, maybe he would release you. But on what terms and conditions, I can’t guarantee…”

Makarlo’s words sank Shacily Muse’s heart and she quickly got into her secretary role when Ye Cang returned.

Makarlo then smiled, “Just now, Shacily Muse told me that she wants to return to her home on the island. She asked if you would let her go. I’ve already given my advice.”

Ye Cang looked at Shacily Muse, “Seriously?”

Seeing Ye Cang examining her in a serious manner, Shacily Muse swallowed while Ye Cang smiled. “Looks like fate has come to an end. The Goddess Association will never force anyone to stay. Lil’Sha, if you really want to leave, just leave… But you must forever remember that you’re a member of the Goddess Association. Hence, a mark must be done so it could glow forever… Agaloss, make a fire…”

Finding to his horror that Ye Cang was already taking out an iron stamp with the engravement ‘I am a member of the Goddess Association’ and burning it in blue flames. “Actually...I...was...just...joking…”

“Agaloss, where do you think I should leave this stamp?”

“On the face. That’d be more outstanding.”

“Makarlo, what about you?”

“On the forehead?”

“Lord Bearbear, I allow you to voice out…”

“On the breasts...one stamp on each…”

“Hmm...not a bad idea. Didn’t expect Lord Bearbear to have such interesting suggestions. Not bad. It doesn’t affect her appearance and can even be covered… Come Lil’Sha...get into my tent.” Ye Cang smiled, grabbing Shacily Muse’s hand and the searing iron on the other hand.

“I...I swear to keep my loyalty to the Goddess Association and Goddess Aymuss! With no intention of leaving!” Shacily Muse half-kneeled and Ye Cang asked, “Loyal to who? I think you missed out the most important person, did you?”

“And be loyal to the Great Sage!” Shacily Muse quickly shouted for the sake of her life.

“Elder Shacily is such an understanding person. She is the role model of the Goddess Association…” Ye Cang kept away the iron and Maru Naya wiped away her sweat. Luckily I knew who the true owner of the shrine is, way before them...

Shacily Muse glared at Makarlo, Agaloss and the rest. I can’t believe I would actually believe the believers of other goddesses. I will make them pay...