Ye Cang left the tent for a walk outside and Makarlo smiled at Shacily Muse, “That’s your answer…”

“You kiddo…” Shacily Muse grinded her teeth. Makarlo may look old but he was only slightly older than Verali among all the direct believers. Agaloss’s and Shacily Muse’s ages were unknown. Maru Naya’s age was at least double of his and that made Lord Bearbear older than Makarlo’s as well.

To Agaloss, Makarlo was a true genius. As the guardian of the Border of Arcane Mystery, he had been observing all the mages including this plant mage who showed overwhelming talents at a young age. Besides being unique and rare, what was most important about the plant mages was that they did not use arcane energy at all. Even Agaloss could not guarantee he could win Makarlo in a battle. Imagine how difficult it would be to kill a plant mage at his level.

After a journey of endless days and nights, they could see a city not far ahead from the hill. However, there was an endless sea of undead spirits surrounding it. One of them noticed Ye Cang’s reinforcement and rushed to inform its superiors. A huge combination of the spirits looked in the direction of Ye Cang. “Looks like we have more sacrificials…”

Staring at the spirits below, Verali showed no expressions. Ye Cang asked her to turn around so he could talk to them. “It’s a pity that my great soldier Fandair is not here. He has gone to…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the gigantic spirit was pierced to death by a cross from the sky. Balcon swung his sword and the cross exploded. Millions of holy lasers were shot out, causing a second wave of explosion. Instantly, a large chunk of the enemies were eliminated. “Eliminate the heresy! Nature Disaster must die! The glory of the Red Cross Army! The glory of the Holy Church! Charge!”

Balcone launched an attack with his army.

“Pfft, what a reckless guy.” Youdiss turned around to see Dion disappeared. Even I didn’t notice his disappearance?

“Lord Bearbear, it’s time for you to shine. Our association’s image is all on you now. If you have any lesser kills as compared to Balcon, well, I guess you know what the consequences are…” Ye Cang smiled.

Verali’s stomach was rumbling, “Are we going to cook him up?”

Seeing Makarlo’s ‘I can’t help you on this’ expression and Shacily Muse’s smirk, Lord Bearbear swallowed. With a roar, he transformed into a bear as tall as a mountain. Thanks to Anya’s gift, his power became greater than ever before. He cleared one large piece with just one sweep of his claws. The sight of the titan was intimidating. He raised his paw up high and started chanting as a large jade crystal was forming in his paw.

“Forest of Jade!”

Lord Bearbear tossed the jade crystal ball out, sending it into the sea of spirits. Instantly, spikes popped out of the crystals and they just kept on branching out like a tree. In no time, the entire battlefield had turned into a forest of jade crystals. Numerous gigantic spirits were dismantled and hung on the spikes. Balcon was surprised that even the crystals could damage the spirits and it was a critical hit. He could not believe his eyes when he saw a gigantic spirit turning into residue in such a short instance.

The spirits once again gathered to form a monstrous being of tens of meters tall and yet it looked like a baby in front of Lord Bearbear. One slap from Lord Bearbear and that thing turned into a pile of patty before it knew it. Even the largest combined Demonic General - Shaluyer was only half of Lord Bearbear’s height. From afar, the Horseman of Apocalypse - Disaster decided to retreat when he saw Lord Bearbear defeating most of his underlings. He also noticed Agaloss through his Flame of Soul. He opened a gate of bones, preparing to enter on his drake skeleton. However...

“Leaving so soon?” EmptyHanded’s voice came from nowhere and the gate of bones were crushed by a crystal dagger wrapped with Chinese talismans.

“You haven’t paid us for your ride home!” The Master of Gangster - Yainsha sent a punch at him before allowing him to react.

Disaster quickly blocked with his sword but it was crushed into pieces as soon as it gained contact with the punch. Unbelievably, he looked at the punch that pierced right into his body. Yainsha followed up with a kick, knocking him from the drake. His unexpected power was so strong that he even unknowingly crushed the seat on the drake.

Disaster stared at his sword which was assembling itself. What just happened?!

Makarlo was using dandlelion to observe the battle situation. “That fella is sure talented.”

“You meant Yainsha? Indeed, he is.” Agaloss smiled with his eyes closed. Forceful Entrance and Forceful Crush were the reasons why he could do whatever he wanted. He could crush one particular object under a contract even if the object would resemble back to its original form later. Yet, the price paid to crush an object is surely costly… Through the Eye of Arcane, he could see there were many horrifying wounds appearing on his body. What a reckless gangster.

“Can we recruit them to our association?” Makarlo was then speechless at Ye Cang’s words. “A thief and a snatchthief. What’s the point of recruiting them?”

“They have good potential though. Our Goddess Association lacks an underground department…” Ye Cang thought of himself being the underground department of the Ten Commandments. He was a robber and debt-collector in everyone’s eyes.

“Maybe, with our love and affection, we can get them touched…” Everyone secretly sighed for the two brothers. “Old Mak, you seem to be quite close with them. I’ll leave this matter to you then.”

“About that, president, are you sure you don’t want to reconsider…”

“Looks like you're not sincere enough. We mustn’t judge the background of anyone who is bound to be our believer… Agaloss, start a fire. Let me find my iron chop… Lil’Sha, hold him for me…”

“Alright, I’ll get it done,” Makarlo rushed the words out of his mouth when he saw Shacily Muse getting closer with a great smile.

“Haha. Just kidding. We all know how much Old Mak has contributed to the club… Alright, get it done then.” Ye Cang continued to watch the battle on his sofa. It’s great to be the commander-in-chief. Now that’s what I call a game.


In the city.

“King Shalun! The attack from the enemies has stopped. An unknown reinforcement is crushing the enemies.” An elder in a white mage robe bowed to the handsome young king in the palace.

The young man being addressed as King Shalun heaved a sigh of relief. “It should be the people from the south of Black Peak Mountain. Bring me there to have a look…”

Shalun was standing on the city wall beside the Great General - Baluto. A great smile was written on his face when he saw a gigantic bear eliminating the enemies.

“Your majesty, it looks like our prediction is right. The alliance in the south would only remember Iskafanda when the Natural Disaster comes…” Baluto confirmed the most unfortunate fact to him. The reinforcement team consists of various forces, including the Holy Church and the War God’s Temple which will only present themselves when there’s a great danger.