Ye Cang asked Verali to bring him to where the two brothers and the Horsemen of Apocalypse - Disaster were. Shacily Muse, Agaloss and Makarlo were following behind.

When he saw Ye Cang laying on the sofa looking at him, Disaster asked, “You are the commander-in-chief?”

“Yeap, I have questions for you,” Ye Cang smiled.

“Hmph, termination is our life. I will not tell you anything…”

“Verali, what do you think if I use his bones to boil soup for you?” 

“I’ve never been picky with food.”

“Alright then…” Ye Cang looked around and gave it a thought. Unlike those in Camuse City, the spirits here died without being fused with the glass. So, this makes all the ingredients here go into my storage.

“Elder Agaloss, restrain him. I’m going to check the quality of my ingredients.” Ye Cang jumped down and the two brothers knew their business was done.

Agaloss pierced a dagger right into Disaster’s eye, restricting his movements. Although Ye Cang was walking across the sea of corpses, Shacily Muse still had her hands on her sword just in case there were emergencies.

Ye Cang lifted an armor with a small knife and said, “Hmm… looks a little dry but let us try.”

 “Gosh, it’s so salty and weird. It tastes like ham so it should be nice for soup.” Ye Cang plucked a thread of meat and tasted it. Seeing such a scene, Disaster was shocked. What is he doing?! Is he really going to eat me?! I’m an undead spirit!

Ye Cang scratched some black dust beside Disaster’s brain, avoiding his Flame of Soul. He identified the ingredient. “Not bad, this taste is strong.”

With Agaloss’ help, they managed to take away all Disaster’s equipment and armor, leaving only his zombie body. Ye Cang started off with examining his ribs. He cut one down and cooked it on the spot to taste it out. Through the experience he gained from cooking in real life, he understood that a great chef must use different ways to test the taste of the ingredient. Only then, he could find out the actual use and taste of the food. This was the first sentence in the Hundred Spice Priest’s recipe. It impacted Ye Cang a lot and made him realize that the journey of a chef was a never ending one. Bane and Yainsha who were watching at the side had their hairs standing and their skulls numbing. He is serious with tasting the water he boiled with that rib?! WTH!

The two of them pondered. We must not be enemies with this command-in-chief. It’s still fine if we win as enemies. But if we lose, it can’t be guaranteed that he won’t eat humans since he dares to eat spirits. When they saw Ye Cang tossed the dried abscess into the pot, their stomach felt extremely uncomfortable.

The gigantic Lord Bearbear was shivering at a far place.

Ye Cang felt the pot was lacking something and those feelings just made his hands naturally  dump all kinds of corpses and excrement or organs of various animals into it. He was going to cook Disaster next. Staring at the pot that was screaming, Disaster shouted, “Just make sure you don’t torture me and I’ll tell you everything!”

Ye Cang smiled, “Now that’s the right attitude but sadly, I don’t want to know anymore…”

“What?!” Disaster was shocked. 

Without hesitation, Ye Cang grabbed him, threw him into the pot and covered the lid. As Agaloss was no longer controlling him, Disaster was struggling in the pot, thinking of ways to push off the lid. But it was to no avail thanks to Verali exerting pressure on it. “It’s good to have some soup…”

“Demon! Monster! Ahh!! Ahh!!! So smelly! No! My body! My soul! Ahh!!”

Ye Cang then turned around to smile at Bane and Yainsha, “By the way, are you two interested in joining our Goddess Association?”

Makarlo glanced at them. “You two better accept it.”

Staring at Disaster who was struggling in the pot and Verali who was sitting on top of it, they swallowed, “We are glad that Great Sage is willing to keep us.”

“Great! We welcome the two elders to the big family of Goddess Association…” Ye Cang grabbed their hands and smiled. Shacily Muse pondered. And you can’t never leave...

“Alright, we have six goddesses here. You guys can choose either one but if the two of you want to have separate beliefs, that’s fine as well…” Ye Cang took out six drawings of the goddesses. Hearing Disaster screaming in the pot, Bane and Yainsha said, “I think he really wants to spill the beans on everything…”

“That’s not important, you guys can choose the goddess first.” The drawings in Ye Cang’s hands were like a life deed to Shacily Muse. Once you pick one and become her believer, you are completely… *Cries* *Cries*

In the end, Bane chose Anya and Yainsha chose Assenroche. Ye Cang then asked Verali to open the lid. The only thing that was left was Disaster’s head floating on the surface and his Flames of Soul in the eyes seemed to be fading. Ye Cang scooped it out and smelt it. “Hmm...the taste is not right…”

Everyone at the side was speechless while trying to hold their breath. It will be weird for the taste to be right. 

Planning to continue cooking it, Ye Cang once again put the head back into the pot and they heard the undead spirit crying. “I’ll surrender, alright?! I beg you! Please don’t put me back in there! I really… *Cries* *Cries*... What do you want to know? I’ll tell you everything I know! I beg you. Just kill me.”

Ye Cang blinked, “Hmm...try telling us something. If I’m not satisfied, you’ll know it…”

“Great Sage, I can revive his Flame of Soul so he won’t vanish in the pot…” Agaloss’ words devastated Disaster. “The headquarters is in the north of the Great Wasteland. Deep in the mountains. You’ve already known all the strong warriors that have been revived. The others are nothing to you. But the God of Evil has stepped in. Their base is towards the west of the Great Wasteland but I don’t know the exact location. Except for the God of Evil, some other betrayers would join in too. So please be careful, Great Sage… Also, the nearest base is just a few hundred miles away from here, heading to the north. That’s the frontline of the troop. A lot of armies are there, including the Ancestor of Blood Ghost, Hunger, King of Necromancer Elf - Termina, Nine-Eyed Sword saint - Asus, Eye of Light, and Saintess of Crimes…”

Ye Cang looked at Makarlo, “What do you think about the news?”

Makarlo nodded, “Indeed, valuable…”

“Looks like you have the heart to turn good. I’m a kind person, so do join us, the Goddess Association to be one with justice…”

“I’m an undead spirit of the Horsemen of Apocalypse…”

“The motto of the Goddess Association is to treat all beings with kindness, including undead spirits. Who says that an undead spirit can’t be a friend of justice…” Ye Cang was too excited and he accidentally dropped Disaster’s head into the screaming pot again. “I’ll join! I’ll join! Ah! My soul! It’s painful!”

“Oops. My bad. It’s just a common mistake a chef would make. Our hands will tremble when we hold something for too long.” Ye Cang calmly scooped him out again and Agaloss frowned. “Are we serious with having the Horsemen of Apocalypse - Disaster to join the Goddess Association? Will the goddesses be unhappy?”