“Nope, they won’t because this is a form of love. Unconditional love. Love your enemy and turn them into good people. Besides, he came to our side on his own will after realizing the love of our Goddess Association. We can’t be cruel and racist. Having an open heart, we just don’t discriminate.”

“I understood. But I think we still need to have a contract with him in case of…”

“Sigh, don’t you believe the world is actually filled with love and trust? Alright, we’ll just have him sign the contract. Elder Disaster, you agree to it, don’t you? This is the labor contract for slaves…” Ye Cang’s words were the reason Disaster hesitated.

Wow, Agaloss was referring to a contract in case of a betrayal and you offered him the one with the lowest level -- for slaves. The surrendered party bound by the contract can only obey the orders of the other party, without having any rights to bargain… This fella can literally just ask him to die whenever he wants to… Makarlo sweated.

“My hands are shaking…”

“I’ll sign! I beg you! Let me sign!”

The contract was signed and Ye Cang handed Disaster’s head to Verali and urged them. “Quick! Send Elder Disaster for treatment! Also, scoop out whatever organs inside the pot too!”

“......” Shacily Muse and the rest gasped.

“The soup…” Ye Cang was pissed at what Verali was trying to say. “Send him back first! You can come back and drink it anytime you want!”

“Let’s go. Elder Agaloss and I will help him heal.” Makarlo and Agaloss left with Verali. Their absence did not cause much disturbance to the main troop. Just then, Youdiss had arrived and Makarlo and Agaloss were rest-assured. With Shacily Muse and her there, the president will be super fine.

“You guys are...?” Youdiss saw the three of them disappeared.

“Under the affection of our Goddess Association, an enemy, the Horseman of Apocalypse finally understood the true meaning of justice and decided to join us to be the enemy of our collective enemy…” Ye Cang exclaimed as he looked righteously at the sky.

Youdiss was speechless and turned his head to Bane and Yainsha, “What about them?”

“Let me introduce you. They are the two newly joined elders of the Goddess Association, Bane and Yainsha.”

Youdiss facepalmed. OMG! Why does he make it like I’m meeting them for the first time. Dude, I know them better than you do!

“President, we’ll excuse ourselves to hunt the enemies down.” They disappeared.

“I wonder how much the king will pay for the assistance,” Ye Cang mumbled as he stared at the city.

“So you voluntarily came because of that…” Youdiss did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

“Actually, what’s in my mind is that when we arrived, the undead spirits would have defeated this city and everything would have been destroyed. So, I would be leading an army to seek revenge for them, uphold justice and maybe clear off their national bank as a contribution to us. But who would have expected them to last this long…” Youdiss was speechless with such thoughts and imagination. Why do I feel like this fella is more evil than Natural Disaster but…it doesn’t mean I don’t like this type of person.  

On the hell-like battlefield, Youdiss’ black hair was swaying in the wind. She was beautiful. On the other hand, Ye Cang’s white wolf fur and Youdiss’ blackness were inharmonious but matching at the same time. Youdiss had some affection for Ye Cang. As Lord Bearbear’s roar bomb exploded, the strong shockwave enhanced the effect as Ye Cang’s hood was blown off. Just when Youdiss wanted to say something, Ye Cang gave her a reminder. “Your clothes are almost revealing your tits… Be mindful of your image.”

“......” Youdiss had the urge to stab him to death.

On the other hand, ThornyRose, Flame Emperor, Zhang Zhengxiong and the others had battled their way to the west gate of the city. They had received the mission to enter the city walls to eliminate the air troops. As Zhang Zhengxiong learned the war flag technique from the Holy Church, he took out his flag and pulled away Iskafanda’s national flag. There was an image of a gigantic diamond and a fist representing power on his flag. Instantly, their troops including those guarding the city experienced a buff. All the attributes were doubled, their Strength was greatly enhanced and the damage received had been reduced. HundredFlame Martial Arts Saint mumbled at the sight of the flag. “What an incredible buff. If I’m not mistaken, this fella is a sibling of the commander-in-chief… He is indeed outstanding. He will definitely be a strong warrior in the future.”

Lu Lily acknowledged Lin Le’s capabilities and passed him her secret technique. For now, other than mana bar, qi bar, energy bar and rage bar, Lin Le had another one -- money bar. The bar can be increased by using any money skills or the gold coin itself. Any increment in the money bar can be converted as an enhancement of his skills in terms of damage and buff. Moreover, he could also use gold coins to buy rage points, mana, and even health points. Yet, the penalty would get stronger if he made any consecutive purchases. Similar to buying resurrection with gold coins, he would receive a penalty for buying anything everytime he bought it and the next time, he would have to pay double for it.

ThornyRose was stunned at Lin Le’s new bar and its uses. Is he really not the system’s son?! The ability to buy health, mana and rage points with money? Using them to enhance his skills? Luckily it comes with penalties or else… She reminded Lin Le, “Hey, Lele, don’t spend too much, okay… I beg you…”

ThornyRose stared at Lin Le who was spinning like a deadly spinning top, killing everything in his way and launching any skills he could summon once in a while. Gosh, I need the talents of a hundred elites to beat whatever he just defeated. She turned to look at Ye Cang. This commander-in-chief and Youdiss are just standing there chit-chatting. Not only that, he wants to take a 25% share on the rewards, including from the players. Sigh. Just because he is the commander-in-chief… Having a share of rewards without even joining the battle. I guess I know how those ordinary soldiers in ancient history feel now.

“Lord Baluto! The reinforcement coming from the west gate switched our flag!” A soldier shouted and Baluto saw it. However, the buff was so great that he dared not turn mad.  “Don’t bother. That flag has buffing effects. Get your own job done and we’ll talk about it later!”

Baluto saw there were two people, one black and one white standing afar. I guess one of them is the commander-in-chief because from the beginning of the war, they haven’t done a single thing and the others are trying to clear any enemies approaching them too.

Seeing a gigantic bear walking towards him, Baluto started to have butterflies in his stomach. He was not scared but felt the pressure. The bear shouted, “I’ll come in to have a rest.”

In a blink of an eye, the bear turned into a teddy bear leaning against the city wall. He took out some honey and started eating and Baluto was shocked, “Your greatness, may I know where you are from?”

“Magic Forest, the Jade Tree...that’s…*cries* *cries*...my home...I miss my jade tree… *cries* *cries*...” Lord Bearbear started to tear while licking the honey. “I wonder if the Great Sage will allow me to go back in the future…”