“Great Sage?”

“Yeap, the commander-in-chief of the Anti-Disaster Alliance.”

“Even the commander-in-chief is here?!” Baluto was shocked.

“Yeap, he is the one in white wolf hood.”

“What about the one beside him?”

“The Queen of Dark Shrine… Stop asking me any more questions. I wanna take a good rest. The commander-in-chief will explain the entire situation to you later because this war seems to be complicated and it’s related to many forces.” Lord Bearbear leaned against the wall and asked him not to disturb his rest. Baluto had no choice but to command the soldiers to defend the city while staring at the man in white, even though he had some thoughts in mind.

The west gate guarded by Zhang Zhengxiong was like an undefeatable fortress as none of the undead spirits managed to get up the city wall. With his strong aura and HundredFlame Martial Arts Saint joining him, Zhang Zhengxiong’s job was to only give commands. Out of the blue, ThornyRose noticed Zhang Zhengxiong’s talent in commanding the soldiers. He was different from those commanders who only follow plans. Instead, he was more of an adaptive one. He was basically everyone’s source of motivation although his words were as simple as ‘Charge!’, ‘Protect!’, and ‘Back off!’. As long as he stood beside the war flag, no one would be afraid. Even HundredFlame Martial Arts Saint was obeying his commands in protecting the west gate.

Staring at Zhang Zhengxiong, Flame Emperor pondered. This fella has an indescribable intimidating pressure. The imposing manner is his greatest weapon and also a horrible one. He can boil the people’s blood and uplive the spirits… He is literally a natural agitator. 

On the other side, Ye Cang saw a gigantic skeleton dragon coming at him. Before he could do anything, Shacily Muse moved her sword and that was done in a blink of an eye. Moonlight shone in the night sky and the dragon was instantly crushed into pieces, unable to be reconnected again. This was because the moonlight energy in the sky had completely eliminated the dead aura.

Dion pierced his short blade into the heart of the Stone Ghost and stared at the sky. Is it because of her? What a scary blade but a beautiful lady...

Lord Bearbear who had enough rest climbed up the wall and transformed into a gigantic bear again, continuing to crush everything. Along the way, he smirked when he saw Balcon eliminating the enemies with full energy. Not to lose to him… The problem is solved by just knocking him away, isn’t it? But we are an alliance so only accidental injuries are allowed. Just then, a beast warrior hit on its foot. In normal circumstances, he would have felt nothing. However, he took it as an opportunity to kill it and pretended to be knocked away. Lord Bearbear was flying towards Balcon, “I lost balance! Be careful!”

Balcon quickly blocked his impact with his Red Cross Shield, turned his holy sword into a light and pierced right into Lord Bearbear’s shoulder to stop his momentum. Lord Bearbear shouted, “How dare you try to kill me?!” 

He slammed Balcon with his elbow and crushed a large area of undead spirits as he landed. Even though Balcon was knocked away, he did not suffer much damage. As the leader of the Red Cross Army, he had the Blessing of Holy Cross as protection. It had been a long time ever since he was last injured or bleeded. “That bastard from the Goddess Association…”

“Your underling is quite smart, isn’t he…” Youdiss was observing Lord Bearbear.

“Yeap, worth teaching…” Knowing that the enemies were almost being eliminated, Ye Cang and Youdiss returned to his tent. He wanted to take a look at Disaster who was being saviored. When Makarlo looked at Ye Cang, he saw through his eyes, that Disaster’s Flame of Soul turned grey. That means he is afraid.

The battle with the undead spirits had stopped and those who were far away had retreated. The two beastmen from the lion and tiger tribes had been chilling on the north gate of the city for some time. Everywhere was full of corpses and bones.

Ye Cang and the rest entered the new city of Iskafanda from the main gate. He waved at the villagers who were curious and terrified. Through the main streets, he finally arrived at the palace.

Upon entering the huge structure, he was welcomed by Shalun right at the door. Ye Cang who was the first to enter, looked at Shalun. “So, you are the king of Iskafanda?”

Shalun nodded, “Yes, I’m the Emperor of Iskafanda - Shalun Yilunka the 191st.”

“‘I’m the commander-in-chief of the Anti-Disaster Alliance and also the president of the Goddess Association. PaleSnow.”

After a description of himself, Ye Cang introduced each of the leaders accompanying him this time around, including Youdiss, HundredFlame Martial Arts Saint and the rest. Shalun expressed his gratitude to each of them and invited them for a feast where he could work better on discussions. Shalun dared not trigger the reinforcement who came to help him as even the Queen of Dark Shrine made her presence known. Although he had been staying in the Great Wasteland since young, he was still aware of the famous names such as the Holy Church and the Dark Shrine since most of the believers were either black or white. As for the Goddess Association, the name had never reached his ears. Still, he paid his respect after seeing the Queen of Dark Shrine was quite close with the commander-in-chief. Looks like he is the new force among the Six Big Forces. Even though Shalun was young, he had full information on the news between the forces and the countries. This was the reason why Baluto supported him to be the king after the death of the previous one. However, the main reason was because Shalun was Baluto’s son. He was the heir-apparent since the old king had no descendants

However, what made Shalun curious was that the alliance consisted of the Dark Shrine, Holy Church, Empire of Elves, Steel Empire and yet the commander was a human. He looks more or less the same age as me. Only then did he know that Ye Cang was the king of the entire Black Peak Mountain and the north border, the Great Sage who revived six goddesses, and had the World Tree as his city’s barrier. He was chosen by all six forces. The General of the Steel Empire - Shaneley took the position as the vice commander who was in charge of guarding the new city established by the Goddess Association - Camuse City. Moreover, Camuse City had made the achievement of building floating ship supply stations.

After knowing the location of Camuse City, Baluto frowned. This spot...it directly blocks our path southward to the center of the North Border. “Your majesty, without permission…”

Shalun’s expression signaled him to keep his mouth shut because he knew it was a bad time to bring up such a topic. Shalun shook his head with a smile as Ye Cang asked. “No worries. It’s not a big deal.”

Bane and Yainsha were almost drenched in their sweat at the sight of Verali eating everything in large gulps. OMG. Can you eat outside? You literally swallowed everything we had, including the hard and strong liquor.

Halfway through the conversation, Ye Cang mentioned the fees of reinforcement and Shalun smiled and had an idea, “At the south of our city, there’s a forest. There are plenty of magic crystals and gold there, commander-in-chief, you could take as many as you wish. They are meaningless to us. And I bet you guys wouldn’t want food or water too, am I right?”

Ye Cang was satisfied with the answer. “Thank you, King Shalun.”

After the feast, everyone headed back to their respective rooms to rest as the official discussion would only start the next day. That night, Shalun was pondering for a long time in his room moments before Baluto and the leader of Royal Mage - Fansiss were called.

“I planned to surrender to them and be the subsidiary of the Goddess Association.” Baluto was shocked at Shalun’s words and shrieked at him without a proper address. “Shalun! You…”

“Look. The Goddess Association has conquered the floating ship and also the coast. Passing through their city as we head down south is a must. They have even nurtured the World Tree. If Iskafanda wants to live, we have no choice but to surrender to them…” Shalun explained but Baluto was not resigned although he knew it could not be helped. For the sake of the citizens, it is better to have the support of the Goddess Association and the Black Peak Mountain. If they manage to win the war, Iskafanda would no longer be alone in the wasteland without any backup. 

“The precedent king’s choice of passing the position to you was a right one…” Fansiss brushed his beard.